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Somewhere to Escape – Second Chance Trees

So sorry for the break in between posts.  You know how it goes…

So I have to share with everyone about my little escape in the hectic, lag ridden world of SL.  The sim is called Second Chance Trees.  A cross-world project (RL & SL), the sim is an island bursting with just simplistic natural beauty. 

The zone in point puts you in the middle of the island at the welcome point.  There you can read all about the project.  I cannot do it proper justice, but to explain it simply:  for every tree you purchase in SL at Second Chance Trees, a RL tree is planted.  You can choose from about 10 different species of trees and you can either take it home with you and plant it there, or you can plant it on the island in an area specifically designated for tree planting.

Not to be mushy (she’ll forgive me!), but I have planted my own tree there and my close, dear friend has planted hers next to mine.  Each giving the other shade when they need it the most….

Ok, mushy moment endeth…. :op

Anyway, with or without the purchase of a tree, the sim is a beautiful sight for the eyes.  Mother Nature herself can only do it further justice.  Mountainous waterfalls, flowing water, majestic trees, precious plants & flowers…the whole thing just screams (quietly of course) for you to just relax.

And did I mention……………        no…………lag…………..

Whether it’s just you, a group of friends, or just with that special someone, I highly recommend Second Chance Trees as a must see in SL. 

~*~ Aly ~*~


Second Chance Trees:  location – Second Chance Trees; can be found by typing it in the Search under Places or directly searchable in the Map


June 6, 2007 - Posted by | Places to Go

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