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If It’s Always Broke, Why Try To Fix It?

Yes, I’m complaining again.  What do you expect when updates seem to break more than they fix?

Not even that, my account flipped out the night before the update.  Attempted to relog to find I could not – no matter my best efforts – get back in.  Supposedly, I could not connect to the simulator.

All of a sudden, I’m in flashback hell, to when I purchased and attempted to try on an elven outfit and skin, and wound up a grey nightmare that I couldn’t see but everyone else could.  It was then that I discovered there are only about 2-3 Lindens who know what they are talking about.  Because after 6 (count them – 6) attempts to explain to each one that: yes, I read through the FAQs; yes, I’ve read the help guide; yes, I’ve cleared my cache; no, it’s not my wireless connection; yes, I’ve gone through the knowledge base; no, I can’t take off what I’m wearing because it’s not in my inventory — I finally found an intelligent Linden that didn’t talk to me like I was a stupid newbie.

Anyway, there I was, dripping salty tears over my laptop.  My girlie girl took pity on me and hopped on MSN Messenger to keep me company as I continued to scream profanities at SL.  She also connected me with my baby so that I could cry on his shoulder for a while.  After he left me for his bed, I updated MSN and we started playing Uno (love it!) and some trivia.  I finally gave in to slumber, crossing my fingers that I could be back to normal in the morning.

My happy ending?  I logged on in the morning….and happily found myself in my SL home.  Yay for the little things……

 ~*~ Aly ~*~

June 14, 2007 - Posted by | Second Life Woes

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