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SPOTLIGHT: SL Fashion Gurus (Websites)

 So, I’m starting something new.  I’d like to do some feature stuff, which right now, I’m tentatively calling “Spotlight”.  Each category spotlight will have (I hope..have to futz) it’s own page.  So that each individual blog mention will land on that page for quick and easy reference.  I’ll include website addys and SLurls (yes, I will remember to copy them and stick them there!).



Linden Lifestyles (

I happened upon this website via the SL webpage.  And I thank the gods above everyday for that wonderful day.  This site has become my out-of-world crack.  I find myself jumping in there just about everyday to see if anything new has been posted.

The lovely ladies behind my new crack are Sabrina Doolittle and Salome Strangelove *bows humbly before their feet*.  RL friends, they have put together what I call a marvel of SL websites.  And I can only imagine what their inventories look like on a daily basis.

They review all types of items, mainly clothing.  Their reviews are concise, to the point, and most times oozing with fashion goodiness.  I find that of late (maybe the last 2-3 months), a majority of my inventory accrual is a result of something they wrote about.

The site is set up so that anyone can go in and either read the latest blog or search for a specific type of item in the archive.  Readers make comments, most of the time ooohing and aaahing over what these ladies have been blessed to receive (I also love my fellow fashion slaves who then ask, “what shoes are you wearing; where did you get that jewelry; omg, where did you get that hair?).

I have yet to meet them in-world (they would probably run away screaming!), but I applaud them for the brilliant work they have put into LLS and I hope they continue to bring me fashion crack everyday!!

*logo above is theirs; I give them full credit;

I’m just a copy/paste dork



 Appearance Mode (

Thanks to LLS, I found Appearance Mode.  Another blog site with tons of updates and reviews, I find this the sprinkled donut to my LLS coffee….a wonderful pairing.

Mainly run by Garbarge Prototype and Six Kennedy, popular hair designers in-world (Random & Gurl 6, respectively), the site just overflows with fashion goodies galore.  Along with their other contributors, they blog just about daily with more items than I have paperclips in my desk.  Most of the posts leave me drooling over items I must have and watching the clock at work, hoping the day will end sooner to get me in-world to buy everything!

What I also love about Appearance Mode is the links to all the designers’ individual blogs/webpages on the side.  Without this, I would have never been able to keep consistently up-to-date (every 5 minutes) with those stores I love.

 I think if either of these two sites were to ever close……………..

I would be forever lost and alone….and staring at my inventory longingly.

*copy/paste dork gives full credit to Garbage & Six

(I think Garbage designed the page)


~*~ Aly ~*~


June 21, 2007 - Posted by | Fashion

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