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Ok, so maybe this will be a cheap plug for a place I work at…

But hey, I gotta start somewhere!! :op

Club Envy is located on the Eternity sim.  Recently remodeled, the club boasts a modern architectural style for a laid back, party atmosphere.

The dancefloor is not overwhelming…as in, you walk in and you don’t feel like you are lost in a huge open space.  Nor do you feel like you are packed in with barely an inch to breathe.  Dance stages display the gorgeous Envy Dancers who provide both conversation for the ears and beauty for the eyes.  A DJ booth, small sitting area, and a few games (Freeplay Zyngo, Connect Four, Streetz) line the walls for those desiring to divert their attention in those areas.

The club is surrounded on all four sides by the Envy Mall – featuring some of SL’s top designers, such as:  Adored Clothing, AFantasy Emporium, Chic Dimensions, Will Wear, Inks & Kinks, Bewitched, Alyssa Bijoux, Neko Gear, Chez Gabrielle & Scandalust.  With an exit in each of the four corners of the club, it is insanely easy to party and shop at the same time without much effort.

Events are held just about every night in the 6-8PM time slot.  Themes change nightly with a “Best in…” contest containing L$ prizes.  Live DJs play today’s hottest music and take requests.

And if all that wasn’t enough, check out our promo video! (Gotta love it)

Plus, you know….you can come down and see me!!

Stop by and check us out!!  There is an event and landmark giver located just inside the entrance by the zone in point, so you can know what’s planned for the week.

Just a cool place to go and have fun when that’s all you really want to do!

Location:  Eternity (43, 171, 26)

~*~ Aly ~*~


October 3, 2007 - Posted by | Nightlife

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