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FASHION: Liquid Velvet Studios (LVS)

Woot!! My first blog on something in my inventory!!  I hope I do every other blogger out there in the SL world a small bit of justice.  I have big footprints to walk behind and in.

               ~* Liquid Velvet Studios *~
     ~* Designer:  Ravenlynn Templar *~

LVS happens to – in my honest opinion – host some of the most unique and high quality fashion items in all of SL.  I discovered LVS a while back when I got wind of a sale and – of course – had to go check it out.  I’ve been going back ever since.

Ravenlynn has wonderful visions and is very talented in transforming those visions into pixelated wonders.  So, to honor her, I had to show off some of my favorites plus a few of her new items that everyone should just run to go buy.


~*Red Riding Hood Halloween Costume*~

– Introduced as part of her petticoat costume line, Red Riding Hood is simply stated yummy goodness.  The cape comes in two versions:  hood up and hood down.  I highly recommend if going for hood up, you wear hair that is down.  It simply looks outstanding.  My favorite part are the sleeves (as silly as that may sound).  The puffiness is just enough to give it that extra bit of oomph detail and adds to the quaintness of the rest of the outfit.   Ooh, and the sockies are nifty.


~*Jester Halloween Costume & Geisha Revamped (Petticoat)*~

– As I told Ravenlynn when I saw her, the Jester was absolutely adorable!!  I mean look at it!!!!  The colors are amazing and the hat…… I can’t tell you how many hats I have in my inventory that I argue with because they simply do not sit right on my head.  But there it is, bells and all!!  And yes, the jester’s staff comes with the outfit.
– The Geisha Revamped to Petticoatland (yeah, just made that up!) is TOTALLY LVS and I love it!!  The traditional geisha style is kept – and you can wear it without the petticoat if you like – as the petticoat adds extra funness to the style. 


~*Broom Ha Ha, Snow White Halloween Costume & Lil Mew Outfit*~

– Ok, Broom Ha Ha was an unexpected treasure to find.  When I headed back to LVS to pick up the Jester outfit, I saw this on the wall next to it.  OMG, it freakin rocks!!  The hat (love it!), the cape (love it more!), the whole ensemble (OMG, I need a wet nap!) is just fantasmagorical!  I plan on wearing this every opportunity I get!
– Snow White was too cute to pass up in the Petticoat Costume line.  True to the traditional Snow White colors, the petticoat again adds a vibrant oompf and makes it cute and sexy.
– The Lil Mew outfit..umm…yeah…I sleep in it.  It’s just comfy as all hell and cute to boot.  This is stuff I sleep in RL, so it ranks among my top favorites.

So there you have it folks!!  After all that, if you are not beating down the door to LVS on Cassiopeia Isle, then there is something totally wrong with you!  So check it out!

~*~ Aly ~*~


October 8, 2007 - Posted by | Fashion


  1. so i found this website looking for a snow white halloween costume. whoever designed the one on here is wonderful so i just wanted to tell whoever designed the art on here to keep up the good work! i just hope i can find something nearly as good as that to actually buy!

    Comment by Elizabeth | September 17, 2008

  2. ok just read some other comments and apparently i actually can buy the stuff on here? i tried to click the link but it didnt work. any help? i love this costume

    Comment by Elizabeth | September 17, 2008

  3. Hi Elizabeth!

    The link takes you to what is called a SLurl – a direct link to the location in Second Life, which is a virtual world. I am assuming that you think this is a real life costume, but unfortunately, that is not the case. You can learn about Second Life at and see if it is something that interests you.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

    Comment by alyshassl | September 17, 2008

  4. haha oh man i feel dumb. well regardless whoever designed all of these outfits should really think about making them into actual garments. i looked through some of the clothes and they are just amazing!

    Comment by Elizabeth | September 17, 2008

  5. LOL not a problem! Rest assured that Second Life is an infinite gallery of designer glory. Second Life is content driven and those that have the amazing talent to create anything and everything they can imagine makes it a wonder to behold.

    Feel free to continue to explore my blog or any of the other sites listed on the side. You can also check out other Second Life Fashion at .

    Be warned….you may get hooked and want to join us! ;o)

    Comment by alyshassl | September 17, 2008


    Comment by Gina | October 11, 2008

  7. Hi Gina!

    Well, if you are a resident in Second Life, just visit Liquid Velvet Studios and buy it.

    If you are not in Second Life or have no idea what I’m talking about, I am afraid you think this particular costume can be obtained in real life. I’m sorry to say that it can not.

    Want to know what Second Life? Visit the website:

    Comment by alyshassl | October 11, 2008

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