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RANDOM RAMBLINGS: When One Doesn’t Go To Work…

….one enjoys more time in SL. ;o)

Yeah, I took a mental health day yesterday.  I’m entitled.  So there. :op

So what the hell did I do all yesterday?  Well, I slept.  WOOT!!

After said sleep, I logged in and putzed around.  I finally wound up at a costume fashion show, held by Sophisticated Body Modeling Agency.  It was a new way to spend over two hours of my time.  I saw some really cute and sexy costumes from designers like Swaffette Firefly (sf Designs), Wiccan Sojourner (Bewitched), Shadow Weaver (ShadoWiccan), kallyfaith Rolland (K.O. Designs), Paige Wade, Becca Hua & Zoe Hana (Just 4 Kid Kreations), and Sherona DeGroot (Innovations).  All in all, for my very first time at a full fashion show, it was pretty cool.

During this, Ms. Rolland popped up in my IMs and, upon noticing my ~* SL Blogger *~ tag, asked who I blog for.  After explaining, “Well, I blog for myself!!”, she asked if she could send me some of her newest costumes and review the ones I really liked.  OMG!!  Another first!!  My first drop review!!  Love it!!

So my next post will be my favorites of the newest costumes at K.O. Designs.  So keep your peepers peeled!!

FYI:  7 days to Halloween.  And you better have M&Ms when I come around.

~*~ Aly ~*~


October 24, 2007 - Posted by | Random Ramblings & Thoughts

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