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RECENT ITEMS: Halloween Prep…& Stuff

My apologies for missing a week in a Recent Items post.  Between a hectic RL schedule and running low on Linden fundage, there was not a lot of shopping going on *gasp*.  But alas, here is the next installment of the wonderful goodies in my expanding inventory (does that really say 21,457 items??).

Last Call & Celestial Studios:  I couldn’t stop myself.  I had to go.  After getting the photos from the update list, it was like fated to happen.  So I stopped by and picked up EVERY SINGLE NEW costume put out by Ginny & Starley.  I then wore each one at some point at my costume party event that day.  But they are just toooo cute and sexy.  So the pic below is showing off my favorites of the whole bunch (and trust me, it was a very hard decision!!).  Oh, and if you are wondering what I’m going as for Halloween, you’ll have to check Wednesday night’s post.  Because I’m not telling anyone. ;o)

~* Red Riding Ho, Sexy Witch, Sargeant Sexy *~

Mischief:  new build, new sim, new branding, new items, old items found new.  Check my Fashion post on Mischief to see what Janie is all about.

.:[ Blood ]:. :  on my search for Halloween goodies to decorate with, I happened upon this store and purchased an awesome set of pumpkins in all sizes and shapes.  If you stop by the club, you can see them.  Great set for a decent price…and they are copiable.

Lightening Video:  Cera and I have decided we are going to start a new thing:  once every weekend, we are going to watch a movie.  So our inaugural movie?  The Devil Wears Prada.  And Lightening Video was a great place to landmark for our needs.  The library is extensive and, for unlimited views, the price is very reasonable.

ETD:  lol ummm….so yeah, I had to host Demo Night.  And I had no Demos.  So I invaded ETD and loaded up on demo hair, shoes and clothes.  Needless to say, my demo self was very styling. ;o)

Rebel Hope:  picked up Sinful Purple to add to my original Sinful (naturally).  Also picked up the gorgeous Victoria Antique dress.  I absolutely love it.  Highly recommended.

And there you have it.  Inventory count:  21,832.

Till next time kiddies!!

~*~ Aly ~*~


October 31, 2007 - Posted by | Recent Items

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