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FASHION: Mischief

~* Mischief *~
~* Designer:  Janie Marlowe *~

Each time I do a Fashion blog, I look through my inventory to see what jumps out at me, what inspires me, what is screaming, “HELLO!!  I’M IN HERE!!”.  This time, it was an announcement that prompted this installment of the Fashion blog.  A new sim, a new store.  And, if I might add, it was about time.

Mischief has such a variety of outfits and clothing that you literally find new items every time you visit.  I know, because when I dropped by to check out the new digs and some of the new items Janie released (which she does consistently by the way; hence the need for the new store), I found outfits that I swore I had never seen before.  And I have a pretty good memory.

Janie creates some fantabulous items and has something for just about any mood you are in.  So here are a few of my favs.

~* Faith & Claire *~

Faith:  ok, so at this point, these are no longer brand spanking new, but they were relatively new when I got them! :op Faith is comfort.  With an added dash of style.  Again, notice the jeans.  Remember that Aly loves jeans.  But now we have a lovely flexi sash.  Yummy yummy.  The bow on the shirt is flexi as well.  So this all adds up to a comfy, yummy, sexy outfit.  Woot!
Claire:  those that know me know that I always hesitate a bit with dresses and skirts here in SL.  Mainly because I’m not a big skirt/dress person in RL, but with my little pixelated figure in SL, I try to experiment without going too nuts.  This dress though is way cute and makes me all girly happy.  The little peekaboo slit in the front gives the girly a little bit of ooo-la-la sexy.

~* Nadine-Pink & Lil’ Lady *~ 

Nadine-Pink:  let me just say that a certain pink haired friend/blogger/college student came to mind when I took these two pics.  So hopefully these make her swoon if she doesn’t already own them. :op  As for me, I usually don’t do pink.  I don’t hate it.  It’s just not me.  Same as the skirts.  But again, here I am, wearing Nadine in all its glory and absolutely loving it.  I think my favorite part of the outfit (other than the cute socks) is the chain on the front of the skirt.  Yep, detail hound is drooling again.  Little things make a big difference.
Lil’ Lady:  this is just fun and flirty.  The sculpty bows on the shoulders help make the outfit pop.  The skirt is just the right size and shape to make those “assets” stand out as you would want them without feeling like that’s all you got.  If I recall, when I got this outfit, I wore it like for three days straight.  So yeah, definite girlie sexiness here.

~* Manhattan, Delilah-Grape, Brazen *~

Manhattan:  ok, I’ll admit it.  I wore this because I had to give props to my home.  Woot for New York!!  But seriously, this is an outfit I love.  Again, because I would wear it in RL.  The vest overlaying the button down long sleeve classic white shirt makes the whole outfit pop.  The prim cuffs take the outfit from a flat 2D feel to a meaty 3D feel.  Love it.
Delilah-Grape:  look, stop giving me grief!  I’ve warned you people I’m a purple possessive person!!!  Anyhoo, we turn up the sexiness with this outfit.  Pants keep it very demure, but the top has the right shape and cut to turn up the volume.  And again, detail hound is loving the belt.
Brazen:  this sweet number was my first ever Mischief outfit, purchased happily at the Clothing Fair.  Great for clubbing (and any black & white events), it is a definite must have in your going-out folder.  It’s the detail of the ties going from the front of the top, down the waist and back that make it yummy.

You’ve just seen a glimpse of the many styles available at Mischief.  With a brand new store containing tons of room for more creations, I’m sure Janie has something you are bound to get attached to…..and never take off…even after it starts smelling really bad..

Mischief on Mischief Isle (SLurl)

~*~ Aly ~*~


November 5, 2007 - Posted by | Fashion


  1. *swoons* 😀

    Comment by JellyBean Madison | November 5, 2007

  2. this is quiet a good web site please write the web site to me

    Comment by Robyn | December 30, 2008

  3. I LOVE your style! It’s AH-Mazing!

    Comment by Anna | January 8, 2009

  4. WoW! That’s HoT!
    You’ve got some great fashion design sense.
    Hope you’re doing something with it.

    Comment by Matthew Sequoyah | May 7, 2010

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