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FASHION: Vitamin Ci

~*~ Vitamin Ci ~*~
~*~ Designer:  Ciera Bergman ~*~

Sometimes it’s difficult to describe any one designer’s style:  chic, urban, funky, fun….we can go on and on with adjectives that at some point and time are tied to a designer’s style.

But if I had to pick one for Vitamin Ci’s designer Ciera Bergman, the word would be comfy.  It’s just simply comfy.  It could be the most dressed up or dressed down outfit, and I would still offer the word comfy in the description.  And when our clothes are comfy, we are comfy.  Even when we are pixelated.

So here are some of my favs from the Vitamin Ci line.  Sit back, relax and go “aaaaahhhh…”.

~*~ Indyra & Winter Wonderland ~*~

Indyra:  a dress that hits just all the right curves.  One of the few dresses I own where I have not had to readjust the skirt in any direction because of one reason or another.  The form is great and the texture is amazing, which makes it stand out from any other normal, everyday dress.  Perfect for little dinner parties or dates.

Winter Wonderland:  a new release, this is sexy fun in the winter sun.  Bound to defy any human limitations, the sweater rolled up collar around the neck keeps us warm while our..umm..mid-drift :o) keeps us sexy in the snow.  Cute skirt and knee high socks with detailed snowflakes just add more dimension to this outfit.

~*~ Tabitha & Rachelle ~*~

Tabitha:  ok, so obviously the cold weather and recent snow in RL has affected my SL wardrobe choices of late.  But when they look this yummy, who can blame me?  We all have that warm, fuzzy sweater we love to wear to warm up.  Here it is folks, so eat it up.  Again, the texture is amazing and pinstripe pants make it a very classy outfit.

Rachelle:  another comfy one, but this time I’m absolutely loving the belt around the bust line.  Details like this – even in RL – are good for giving form and shape without overemphasizing.  With a partner color peeking through underneath and the very subtle pinstripe pants, this is a good outfit to relax by the fire in.

~*~ Petal, Jeni, Emma ~*~

Petal:  now we’re starting to turn up the heat a bit.  The details make this outfit.  The beautiful design on the pants is very simple but adds a small touch of elegance to the whole outfit.  The texture on the top gives that illusion of thin fabric loosely hanging and moving as you do.  Great combinations here.

Jeni:  this was my first ever Vitamin Ci purchase.  And yes, this is still the original outfit even though Ciera did a redeux a few months ago.  It’s simple, clean and sexy.  The pants sit at just the right spot on the hips and the sheer top reveals just enough of bikini-style top underneath without being overdone.

Emma:  remember what I said earlier about belts around the bust line?  This is another wonderful example.  But with Emma, you get your choice of the half top as shown or a full top that covers all the way down to the hips.  But whether you are covering your tummy or not, the cut in top for the cleavage line is going to leave you looking sexy, whether you like it or not.

~*~ Kiss, Escape, Thandi ~*~

Kiss:  oh yes, I’ve been warming you up to get to this.  But you love it.  Kiss is a sexy tease.  There’s no other way to put it.  The crop top is actually more generous than a lot of those I’ve seen throughout SL, only showing others a small preview of what you have to offer.  Booty shorts, racing gloves, and striped thigh high socks just give that little bit of cuteness to this sexy outfit.

Escape:  might not have been meant to be as such, but I would so totally count this is a great clubbing outfit.  The bikini top has a great metallic jeweled texture that pretty much matches the belt in the jeans.  And…well…we all know how I feel about jeans.  So ’nuff said there.  The outfit also comes with bikini bottoms in case you want to wear this outfit to the beach and be prepared.

Thandi:  the glory of SL is that, if we so choose, it can be perpetually forever summer.  This is definitely a summer outfit.  The bikini top connects down to the criss cross ties, ending with the color coordinated bows, indicating where they tie off.  And the capris just simply rock.

Ciera does a wonderful job in providing us with a plethora of choices to make us feel all pixelated comfy.  I encourage you to drop by as soon as your little pixelated feet will take you there.  You’re sure to find something you’ll love.

Vitamin Ci @ Hefferoo SLurl

Love & Shopping,
~*~ Aly ~*~


December 7, 2007 - Posted by | Fashion

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