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Small Reminder & Decoration Venting

Hello everyone!!

Just a small reminder that if you run across any holiday specials/freebies/savings/etc., just drop me a comment here.  I’m still looking around, but I’m only one pair of eyes. ;o)

Also, I need to small moment to vent.  Where…..are the rest of the decent quality holiday decorations??

I’ve been floating around, poking my head in different places, and I must say…I’m getting frustrated with the holiday decorations I’m finding.


Now I lucked out when I was doing my house.  I love my dancing snowmen and penguin, my snowmen that generate snow and candy canes, even my little sledding snowman.  But I think what’s frustrating me is all these bland lights I keep seeing.

I’m very happy that I happened upon DEPOZ when I was decorating my house.  They had a wonderful selection of trees, wreaths, candles….even little items for inside decorating.  But I’m most happiest with the lights.

Here’s is why I’m happy with them – really simple:  they blink….and they’re copiable.

Simple, right?  Now why won’t anyone else do the same?!?!?!?

Ok, I’m done ranting.  I hope you are all having an easier and fun time finding decorations for your home.

Till the next light bulb change,
~*~ Aly ~*~


December 11, 2007 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. Merry Xmis!!!! Alysha, i have a small Xmas “video”card for you here.
    Hope you like it 😉

    Comment by Raul Crimson | December 12, 2007

  2. Rocky Sassoon, master artist behind Cocololo Island, has a Christmas village. Beautiful lights and trees galore for just a few dollars. (Zomg! Rocky’s lighted trees!)

    TONS of gorgeous Christmas goodies from clothes to decorations from free to just a few dollars on Japanese sim fukuoka 139/173/22 (IM me for a landmark). I got an incredible riding/flying sleigh for L$150. Separate box has reindeer and horses to pull it (or set up for decoration) for free.

    Other Japanese sims such as the Gion project (more Rocky Sassoon) are setting up large Christmas festivals and sales. Free beautiful kimono for men and women, as well as free old fashioned morning suits for men, on Gion.

    These festivals have breathtaking scenery and settings, lots of wonderful, unusual, high quality freebies.

    Anyone please feel free to IM me for landmarks, or if you want some company to go shopping! I’ll even pull the rickshaw for you in Gion 🙂


    Comment by Beanie Canning | December 12, 2007

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