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REVIEW: DE Designs – New Releases

Santa Claus does exist!!!  He does!!!

And his name is DoC Eldritch!! ;o)

I guess Santa read my Christmas list and decided I had been good this year.  Because when I logged in that night, I had a message:  “Merry Christmas…………DoC”.  A glimpse to the top corner of my screen and there were two packages waiting to be delivered:  DE Designs’ latest releases.  Very unexpected and whole heartedly appreciated.

So take a look at these goodies waiting for you at the DE Designs store:

~* Project X Umbra – Option 1 *~

– DoC shows wonderful versatility in the Project X Umbra set.  This is first of two options of outfits in the folder.   It’s just a wonderful combination of sexiness with a subtle dark style.  The texture on the top and the thigh highs is great.  The uniqueness lies in the bottom part.  The front sits as if held there by some unknown miracle.  Simple yet poignant.  The back detail deserves your camera to zoom in close and marvel at the intricacy of it.

~* Project X Umbra – Option 2 *~

– This is just wow.  The outfit is such a statement.  The lighting on the latex gives great dimension.  The thigh highs and the belt give a little more detail without overpowering that make the outfit pop.  It does come with a hat, but (sorry DoC!) I just wasn’t feeling it.  But it is a great hat and I know I’ll wear it with something else at some point! :o)

~* DE’votion *~

– Girlie happiness here.  This makes you one hot cookie.  I usually struggle with babydoll-type flexies, but not this time.  It moves great and is a great addition to the whole set.  I love the thigh highs that have the seam in the back and the little detailing at the top on the back thighs.  I definitely got an “oh….wow….” when I tried this on. ;o)

As DoC mentioned in his blog post (, these outfits are introductions to two new lines he will be developing in 2008.

If these are glimpses into what those lines will bring forth, I’m very excited to welcome 2008 for DE Designs.

Thank you Santa!!!!!!!!!!

DE Designs SLurl:

~*~ Aly ~*~

December 20, 2007 - Posted by | Review

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