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FASHION: Shoes I Love

I know, I’m a little late.  But I had all the pics done and everything.  Unfortunately, I had to deal with some stuff last night.  But look!!  Here it is!!

Shoes.  Just about everyone has at least one pair.  Most women have at least five.  And if you exist in SL, more than likely you have enough to count on two hands.

I have lots of shoes.  Not that I’m a shoe nut in RL.  But again, in SL where you can look however you want, why wouldn’t you want a whole lot of shoes??

So here are some of my favorites I have in my inventory.  Hopefully you like them too!

~* Heels *~

The wonderful thing about SL is our feet will never complain about wearing heels for too long.  That said, here’s what I favor in the heel department:

AFantasy Color Change Strappy Heels with Rivets:  color change rocks.  It makes having to match an outfit that much easier.  Plus it saves you money on having to buy every color of one shoe.  These are a good pair to have and ones I wear a lot.  The criss cross in the front makes the shoe look secure in place and the rivets are just a great design.

Digital Dragon Designs Gold Stripe Heel Espadrilles:  I wore these with a lot of outfits over the summer.  The color is great and it’s a very simple design.  They went great with shorts and capris.

LC Vamp Caliah in Aubergine :  these are cute with a skirt.  I don’t really know why.  But they are.  Hard to tell in the pic, but the bead hanging off the shoe is kind of purply.  Love it.  And the little bow at the front is a great little detail.  Just a really cute shoe all together.

~* Boots *~

I was actually shocked when I went through my inventory and discovered I had a relatively large selection of boots.  Hmm.  When did that happen?  My current faves:

Hexed Black Suede Boots:  they are simple but that’s what makes them a great pair to have.  The height up the calf is really good (goes really well with a cute skirt) and the texture is very well done.

Maitreya Dune Boots:  these boots are awesome.  I should have worn them over a pair of jeans to give you the real effect of the slouchiness style to them.  And what was wonderful about these when I got them is that Maitreya was offering them in several different calf sizes (I think three all together) with demos.  So you wouldn’t find out that when you took them home and tried them on, you had reconfigure your legs so they wouldn’t stick out.

~* Other *~

Well, they aren’t heels and they aren’t boots.  So they get the “Other” category.  They are just as important as everybody else:

Inside Out SLeakers in Purple:  these are soooooo cute, I want a pair in RL.  These are great to pair with poodle skirt for 50s night.  But yeah.  I love ’em.

Digital Dragon Designs Purple Studs Clog Slippers:  great with a pair of jeans.  The studs around the edges again give an awesome design effect when you look at them.  And they just look comfy.

So there you have it.  You have seen a glimpse into the folder marked “Shoes” that resides in my inventory.  I have a feeling that folder will be growing in 2008.

SLurls are below:

AFantasy Emporium:
Digital Dragon Designs:
LC Vamp (inside Last Call):
Inside Out:

Happy Shopping!
~*~ Aly ~*~


January 3, 2008 - Posted by | Fashion

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