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Ode to Hair….ETD Hair That Is

I was patient.  I kept myself busy doing other things as time dragged by slowly.

The hour approached.  I did a last minute relog (gotta love the laptop) before TPing over.  I stood on the border, waiting for the hour to turn.

Then it disappeared.


(wait for it…)

There it is!  And I ran over!

At 12:05pm, I was swimming in lag.  But it was well worth it.

After 50 minutes and going through the whole side of the store with female hair, I TP’d home.

The end result?  Well…..

Does 48 new styles provide proof of obsession?
Does the fact that I had 35 ETD styles before the sale mean anything?
Does the fact that I bought those 48 styles without trying out demos and actually did pretty well if I do say so myself mean that I have a problem?
Does the fact that the 48 new styles actually translates out to be 144 totally new hairs mean that I need help?
Does this mean that I wish I was Elika’s secret lover? (hmmm…let me think about that one…oh!  Hi baby!  Love you!! *muuuuuuah* *hides her “<3 Elika” tattoo from her boyfriend)

Now, I’m gonna have to show you my favs in the next post.

So keep an eye out for:  My Love Of ETD – A Haiku of Hair.

Oh my.  It must be Monday.  I’m losing it.

~*~ Aly ~*~

Pssssst – the sale goes on until the 26th.  You’d be foolish to miss it!


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  1. Haha~ you did exactly what I did! Glad to see I’m not the only ETD obsessed person out there ^^

    Comment by Sai Pennell | January 7, 2008

  2. I’m an equal opportunity shopper. I will give just about anything a try. But I’m allowed my faves, and ETD is definitely one of them! :o)

    Comment by alyshassl | January 7, 2008

  3. I was doing so well. I was holding out. I was the one who has spread the news to all my friends, but I was also the one telling them ‘Chill, guys, it’s on for weeks yet, there’s no hurry’, telling groups ‘Chill, guys, it’s on for weeks yet, there’s no hurry’, telling myself ‘Chill, Niv, it’s on for weeks yet, there’s no hurry’…
    Then my friend had a bad day. ‘Let’s go to Celestial…’ she said…’And try to rush the border of ETD’. How could I say no? What kind of monster would I be? We took our time. We sat by a tree. We sighed with relief as the Tiny Empires server went down, so we wouldn’t be missing anything in the No Script area. Shouted conversations from we outsiders ‘BUY YOUR DAMN HAIR AND GET OUT, LET THE REST OF US IN, BUY BOOTS SOMEWHERE ELSE YOU SELFISH LACKWIT’. Then came our opening. A greifer. As the flood of bizarre images cascaded out of the sim, those around us were getting in! We hesitated. For one brief moment, the delicate urban snowscape in front of us flickered and vanished, leaving a light blue void, and our hearts leapt to our mouths. Then, almost like a mirage, it returned. Gingerly, we approached the invisible barrier that kept us from out destiny, only to be rebuffed, repeatedly, and then…’SHE’S IN! YOU’RE IN! OH GOD, YOU’RE IN!. My friend had made it. Of course, I was delighted for her. She deserved it more than I did. But I couldn’t help feel a prickle of envy, as I bounced uselessly off the border, endlessly notified that the server was full. In the lower right corner of my screen, my friend’s name appeared. She was offline. She had crashed. And at that moment, the whole world became a kind of slow motion, as I found myself propelled off the pavement, onto crisp white snow, and then into the air, and then…my eyes flicked instictively to the top of my screen, to my location. ‘ETD Isle’. I had stolen my friend’s place. I felt like I had driven a dagger into her back. My movements were like wanddling through treacle (having taken off all attatchments, being a considerate sort) but I fought my way into the store, and once my friend had recovered herself from the real world, I sent her a million desperate teleports, ignoring the times it told me I was unable to teleport her because the server was full, reassuring her on voice chat, that soon, soon she would join me, soon she would be here, she would be here with me, and everything would be okay. For a terrible, long while, she told me that one teleport had gotten through, and that she was staring at a black screen, unable to do anything, and then, finally, instead of her crashing, as I dreaded, she was there. We met up and shopped. I now own around 30 more ETD hairs than I did when I went in, having only checked two of the walls but purchasing fairly indescriminately. Three more walls of hair to go. History will repeat itself.

    Comment by Nivaya Barbosa | January 7, 2008

  4. lol Nivaya!! That was great!!

    Comment by alyshassl | January 7, 2008

  5. That was a fabulous story Nivaya.
    Me, I’ve been wandering around my house with no prims on, trying to teleport repeatedly and passing the time by trying on different hair colors and demos. I know I want everything in caramel… but what about all the other fabulous colors that I could wear intermittently too? I’m now so befuddled that when I finally get in, I may begin buying things randomly… some caramel, and some of that, some caramel, and some of that, some caramel, and some of that.

    My friends all think I”m completely nuts.

    Comment by Ivy Norsk | January 8, 2008

  6. Ivy, they’ll only say you’re nuts in public. Privately, you know they are all doing the same thing! ;o)

    Comment by alyshassl | January 8, 2008

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