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RANDOM: Group Limits & Subscribe-o-Matics

This was actually not on my list of things to post this week, but it keeps popping up.  So I’ll throw my four cents into the ring just for the halibut of it.

Most are aware of the petition circulating in regards to expanding the group limit from 25 to (I believe) 50.   As someone who is maxed out on her group limit, this is good proposition to have.

However, one has to sit back and think a moment.  For every group you are a member of, there is that much more of a chance of unwanted IM spam or chatter.  Now, the supposed upgrade in the next update makes it default so that you get no group chat unless you physically change it yourself.  Ok, so…provided that works right…this really won’t be an issue.

Now introduce Subscribe-o-Matics.  I think these things are great.  I would imagine so do all the designers and store owners and anyone else selling a product.  It keeps the group slots open and I don’t log in an ongoing list of notice after notice after notice.  I can just open my “Open Chat” window when I log in and read all in one large chunk everything from the Subscribe-o-Matics in under a minute.  The most I have to do is accept inventory.

My ideal?  That the groups I belong to are only for clubs or families or personal stuff like that.  Anything retail oriented be on Subscribe-o-Matics.  Would I still need more than 25?  Hmmm…tough one.  I really don’t know.

Dear Easter Bunny:

Can you make one general place where I can see every subscribe-o-matic out there and subscribe to my heart’s content?

I’ll leave you Peeps at the door. 

Much love,
~*~ Aly ~*~

January 16, 2008 - Posted by | Random Ramblings & Thoughts


  1. Rose Farina… Designer annnnnnnd the Easter Bunny? 😀

    Comment by Rose Farina | January 16, 2008

  2. Geek *and* Easter Bunny? Geesh we should have a Convention this Easter 😛

    And yes, Rose beat me to it, so I’ll just add my two cents: you can also subscribe to RSS feeds of your favorite Subscribe-O-Matic groups. Soon you’ll also be able to manage your subscriptions online, or request to have an item re-delivered in case you crashed and didn’t accept the item that was attached with the message (you can also already do that by going to the kiosk in-world, and checking the message history though).

    Comment by MSo Lambert | January 16, 2008

  3. yay!!! Two Easter Bunnies!!! Luv you guys!! Thank you soo much and I’m sure I’m not the only one who was looking for this as I see people clicking the link. I’ll add it to my site.

    Now….would you be the same Easter Bunnies who can get me a Shoe Expo? *widens her eyes and looks as cute as she can*

    Comment by alyshassl | January 16, 2008

  4. Agreed, in a perfect world, the groups would be only for socializing. The main complaint I hear these days about group caps is for people who rent from several places and have to belong to the group to put their objects out. I’ve always thought it would be a lot nicer if the Lindens would allow us to decide who gets what permissions (and, for that matters, prim allowance – we can view it, why can’t we control it?) on our land on a person by person basis outside of groups.

    I don’t think adding more groups is the solution to our problems. Letting several million people each have 25, or even 10, more groups, slows down the databases and group chat just that much more.

    Comment by Maegen Parvenu | January 16, 2008

  5. Hiya Alysha! First time I’ve read your blog (Durr not sure how I missed it) and it’s excellent. I really do agree with your comments, very perceptive chuck. I’m completely fed up of groups at the mo, especially with spam. It seemed to suddenly get much worse before Xmas-and Fash Con is plagued with it at the moment:( I wholeheartedly support your idea of groups being just for families and personal stuff..great idea:)
    Kitty =^..^=
    PS ooh we were both born Dec 2006..Happy Belated Rezzday! Will add you to my blogroll:)

    Comment by kittywitch | January 18, 2008

  6. Awwwww Happy Belated Rezzday to you too!! Yay!! New blog friend!!!! Woot Woot!! Maybe see you in-world! :o) And thank you for the nice comment about my blog!! Makes me all happy giddy and stuff lol!

    Comment by alyshassl | January 18, 2008

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