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REVIEW: Random Calliope Gala Exhibit

On Sunday, January 13th, I was lucky enough to be invited to and attend an exhibit featuring the jewelry works of Random Calliope titled “Pretty in Prims”, held at Tayzia Abbatoir’s Crescent Moon Museum.

For those that do not know, Random Calliope is known for his exquisite handiwork in all-prim jewelry.  Micro-prims to be more exact.  Every piece is created in prims only.  There are no textures.  There are no scripts.  It is simplicity in prims.  The amount of detail in each piece he produces is astounding.  Most (if not all) of his creations average around 100 prims total or more.  To be able to manipulate prims in so many ways to produce the beauty he does is simply amazing.

Although I had heard about Random prior to this gala, unfortunately I was never able to own a piece of his creations.  But thanks to this gala, I now own two:  The Pearl (detailed below) and Amandote (well, technically the Hugger that gives out this collection to the person you hug.  But close enough).

What is also unique about Random’s creations is that each creation has a back story to it.  If you visit the exhibit or his blog (, you can read each story there.  I think he should compile them into a book IMHO.

I took many pics of his wonderful collection and have highlighted my favorites below.  If you would like a closer look (and I highly recommend it), make sure to check out my Flickr stream ( or stop by the museum in person.  They are truly a wonderful sight to behold.

~*~ clockwise from top left:  Ode, The Only Ever, The Pearl, The Gatsby ~*~

Ode:  caught my attention immediately because it’s a butterfly.  I love butterflies.  Top that with a purple butterfly and you really have my attention.  I even IM’d Random during the gala to let him know that was my favorite.  He let me in on a little secret:  if you go hunting for butterflies, you can get it for free.  If you find the right butterfly.  Hmmm…can we say new mission?
The Only Ever:  this is just a wonderful creation in pearls.  And it’s just a great design, bringing them down to a point, rather than the generic curve.  I would imagine this as a great complement to a ballgown with a V-neck style top.  Very smooth.
The Pearl:  this was Random’s gift to the guests.  And if you looked at previous post on Chapeau Tres Mignon, I am wearing it there.  The great feature to this is that it does not connect to the back.  The necklace lays snug against the back of the shoulders on either side.  A great piece.
The Gatsby:  very classic looking.  It’s just clean.  I love it.  The shape and form of it brings out the image of the 1920s and the Gatsby era.  If you admire it closely, the primwork goes all the way down the links between the pearls.  Just lovely.


Miss SL L’Oreal Paris Tiara 2007:  I wanted to show this to display the versatility that Random has.  Here is not a necklace or a bracelet or even a pair of earrings.  This is a tiara and an amazing creation.  Paired with the right hair (updo with ringlets I would suggest) and I would feel like a queen.  Gorgeous.

And there you have a small taste of what wonders come out of Random’s talented hands.  I would highly suggest dropping by the exhibit while it’s still up (not sure how long) and seeing for yourself what you’ve been missing.  A true wonder of SL creation.

Crescent Moon Museum –
Worthwhile Gallery (where to purchase) –
Butterfly Hunt (I think this is where it is) –

Prim beauty to all,
~*~ Aly ~*~


January 22, 2008 - Posted by | Review


  1. Oh wow. I’ve heard of Random Calliope on several occasions and have came across his blog several times, but I never really seen just how beautiful his work really is. The Gatsby is absolutely stunning… I’m definitely going to have to check his jewelry out~

    Comment by Sai Pennell | January 22, 2008

  2. I gladly suffer through my laptop’s hard drive whining about too many prims in the room for these sets. You’ll have to let me know what you think. :o)

    Comment by alyshassl | January 22, 2008

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