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FRESH OFF THE BLOGS: Variety is the Spice of Life

Probably should rename this “Friday’s FotB” as I seem to keep posting on Fridays.  But I think I’m doing that because I want to jot down everything I want to look at over the weekend….when I’m not dealing with stupidity at work lol!  So consider yourselves slaves to my shopping list! ;op

Let’s take a look, shall we:

– Alchemy Angels:  a whole bunch of new releases, mainly dresses.  To be honest, I had never heard of Alchemy Angels before.  But if the pics look that good, I may have to do some up close investigation (

– Analise:  released a “kick butt” set of silks (you have to read the post to understand!) entitled “Freyja”.  Very detailed.  Looks amazing.  (

– Awesome Designs:  Julia gives us her “Posh” and “Passion” releases to help us girls to keep feeling girlie (

– Vitamin Ci:  new sexy jeans and “Hanky” tops for your mixin’ matchin’ tastes (

– Decoy:  a really cute, feminine blouse called “Alida” along with some cute jeans (

– DE Designs:  my secret fashion lover (j/k luv ya DoC!) releases more goodies unto the SL fashion world.  “Rhiannon” brings hints of springtime and warmer weather while “1846 Blackened” brings a feeling of basics to the original “1846” creation.  (

– Mischief:  Janie brings us springtime and girlieness in her last two releases – a capri pants outfit with a cute single strap outfit in springy colors & a very cute dress in red with white polky dots or white with black polky dots. (

– Nico Creations:  “Heartache Boot” – sculpted boots in various colors with prim hearts going up either side.  Even has a sexy walk option for those AO-less. *notices a pair in pink and flings the pic over to Jelly* (

– Nyte’N’Day:  new releases of catsuits *rawr*, pajama sets (where’s my pillow?), and a mighty sexy looking vest.  Hmmm…where’s my favorite pair of jeans to go with that? (

– Ravenwear:  new skins are coming, but right now all the old skins are on sale for ONE DAY ONLY!!!  So stop on down and grab what you can! (

– Stellar Designs:  special Valentine’s Day gifts for the guys and the gals.  Set of lingerie in four different patterns for the ladies and a five pack of Romance silk boxers for the gents.  Both sets for only L$50.  Also look for the new release “True Love”, a very simple, sleeveless cocktail-type dress.  (

Happy Shopping!
~*~ Aly ~*~


January 25, 2008 - Posted by | Fresh Off the Blogs

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