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JANUARY WRAP-UP: A Month of Sales & Fashion

So, as I poke around WordPress, I find that I’m loving my little blog stats.  And being that my RL job centers around advertising, I find it interesting to see what is popular and in demand for the public to read.

Hence the birth of “Monthly Wrap-Up”.  At the end of each month, I’ll show you what I look at – the top 10-or so posts and frequently clicked links – as well as any ideas I have of additions to this blog.  And I’ll be looking for your input.  Leave comments, tell me what you want.  If you like my idea(s) or want something different and I can do it, I’ll move forward with it.  After all, I do all this for you! :o)

I’ll break it here so that I don’t fill up unnecessary space on the feed. :o) (hopefully I did it right.  If not, I humbly apologize and quietly ask for assistance from anyone that can offer it!) But please feel free to click on over and visit!!

So let’s start, shall we?

Top 10 Posts of January, as ranked by total views:

1. FASHION:  Shoes I Love – 342 views (mainly from the Second Life website)
2. (tie) FASHION:  Liquid Velvet Studios (LVS) – 109 views
2. (tie) FRESH OFF THE BLOGS:  Sales, Sales and More Sales – 109 views
4. RANDOM:  Group Limits & Subscribe-o-Matics – 66 views
5. RANDOM:  My Obsession of ETD Hair – 61 views (and look Ma!  I’m not the only one!)
6. (tie) Aly’s Professional Photos – 57 views
6. (tie) Ode to Hair….ETD Hair That Is – 57 views
8. Tribute to Last Call Creator Ginny Talamasca – 44 views
9. About Alysha – 42 views (apparantly, I’m interesting…somewhat ;o) )
10. SL Fashion – 36 views

5 Honorable Mentions:

1. Life After An Update & The Glory of Zyngo – 33 views (a good chunk of these were redirects from Google for people looking for Zyngo cheats…oy…)
2. REVIEW:  Random Calliope Gala Exhibit – 29 views
3. FASHION:  ETD – 28 views
4. Having a “Picnik” – 24 views
5. FASHION:  Rising Phoenix Designs – 20 views

Top Clicked Links – 10 clicks or more (UPDATED:  apparantly, I do not know how to scroll to the very top of my Excel spreadsheet.  Added the top 3 – DE Designs, ETD & LVS):

DE Designs – 22 clicks
ETD – 21 clicks
Liquid Velvet Studios (LVS) – 16 clicks
Last Call by Dazzle Haute Couture – 15 clicks
adam -n- eve – 13 clicks
Oh! What A Neat Boutique – 13 clicks
Nora – 13 clicks
Analise Fashions – 12 clicks
Subscribe-o-Matic website (groups index) – 12 clicks
Winter Moon Clothing – 11 clicks
Alchemy Angels – 10 clicks

Very interesting to see what people were into reading and learning about. 

Things I’d like to do in the relatively immediate future (barring my procrastination fever):

Reconfigure the SL Fashion page:  I know this got in the top posts for the month, but I look at it as a dead page.  It was the very first page I made when I was still trying to figure out what all this was.  What I would like to do – and let me know what you all think – is rename it “SL Fashion Directory”.  Kind of an offshoot to the various categories in the blogroll, I would compile all information for a specific content creator there (ie.  Last Call, website/blog address, SLurl, related blog posts here).  This way, if you were looking for someone/something specific, you could find it quickly rather than poke through the posts and the blogroll.  Might take me a while, but I can certainly start it.

SLurls in the Blogroll:  this might be redundant to what I have above, but I thought I’d throw it out there.  A lot of people have thanked me for including SLurls when I can.  And with a Mystitool, obtaining SLurls is rather easy (provided I’m in-world lol!).  Would you want me to add another blogroll category for SLurls?  Or again, is this just repetitive of the above?  I think I prefer the SL Fashion Directory to this, but let me know what you think.

Any More Features?:  again, I create things as inspiration hits.  But I will steadily continue with Fresh Off the Blogs, Reviews (when I get them), Cera’s Closet Combos (when I get her in the room!), Fashion posts (people have told me they like these because I do a full review from top to bottom.  I generally pick designers/content creators that happen to jump in my mind or stand out that day in my inventory.  I like showing people that there is more there than just the latest release), and FOotMs (because I like saying it!).  Randomness occurs….well… randomly.  And Recent Items may or may not make a comeback.  My inventory likes to laugh at me when I try to do it.  But I’m open for any other suggestions of stuff you’d like to see.

And that’s it.  Basically I’ve put flat out on the table what you are getting for your….errr…money! :o)  Hope to hear from all of you!

*puts away her Advertising/Demographics/Analytical hat for the day*
~*~ Aly ~*~

January 31, 2008 - Posted by | Monthly Wrap-Up

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