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FRESH OFF THE BLOGS: The Sexier Side of SL

Who am I kidding?  We can be sexy any time we want.  I just….ummm…needed a title. ;o)

So let’s see what’s steaming hot this week, shall we?:

– Analise is open again and Talyn has given us three new silks sets for our patience.  My preference?  Carmina looks very pretty and the lucky chair silks (in four colors!) are simple yet sweet.  (

– Callie Cline releases “sLinky dancer” as part of her Runway Series.  Cute little dress with a sheer middle.  (

– Armidi releases their new “Play Sexy Collection” with, as they say, “over 100 new items for men and women”.  I see things I like.  But I think they want to see how much I’ll push my laptop to do.  (

– *slides DoC another bag of M&Ms* He likes feeding my inventory.  “Second Coming” for both guys and girls.  Yummy bonus points for different pieces for mixing and matching.  (

– my Flickr pal, Ryker Beck, releases yummy goodies to snatch up.  Cool sunglasses in 56 colors (damn girl!) entitled “Fruit e2”.  I think Cera is going to love those.  And I’m particularly drawn to the “Charming Triquetra” jewelry set.  Beautiful work.  (

– as I mentioned in the previous post, Nicky Ree released a beautiful gown with an Asian flair entitled “Helen Cheong Sum”.  Very pretty.  (

DON’T FORGET!! The Gridwide Valentine’s Hunt starts tomorrow at 1AM SL time.  Check the details in the previous post…or here.

Keep your eyes peeled here.  A lot being posted this weekend.

Happy shopping to all and to all a great weekend!
~*~ Aly ~*~


February 8, 2008 - Posted by | Fresh Off the Blogs

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