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What’s the Word on the Street Kids?


Ok, I have an itch.  It’s almost March, so I know these will start coming up soon.  And being I now have a blog that I can nicely plead to the masses (and I’m sure others are wondering too), I will send these out into the abyss and hope others will hear my call and send me answers.

Hair Fair:  when?  soon? 
Clothing Expo:  when?  soon?
Jewelry Expo:  when?  probably not but soon?
Shoe Expo:  pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

Also, if you have a hand in any of the above and would like help, buzz me.  I would love to help out if I can.

Kk, everyone let me know!!

~*~ Aly ~*~


February 27, 2008 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. Clothing fair is March 17-23, and the skin fair (which you didn’t ask about but i’ll tell you anyhow :P) is from March 1-April 5th 🙂

    Comment by Phoenix Chapman | February 27, 2008

  2. Ooooo I forgot I missed one!! Thank you Phoenix!!!! 🙂

    Comment by alyshassl | February 27, 2008

  3. I’ve been trying to get a shoe expo together to benefit RAINN RAINN.ORG Right now I need space! and. HELP! eheheh

    Comment by Rowan Carroll | February 27, 2008

  4. Well, I know the Vanity Skin Fair starts on Saturday and a lot of great skin makers will be present, some of us are even premiering new skins there. Soo…..that should tide you over for a bit!

    Comment by Roslin Petion | February 28, 2008

  5. Woot! Thank you Roslin! :o)

    Rowan: if I hear anything about an open space, I will send it your way. But feel free to contact me in-world once things come together. Would love to help out if I can.

    Comment by alyshassl | February 28, 2008

  6. Hey Alysha – Check out details on Callie Cline’s blog, she had a good initial detailed post about the Relay For Life Clothing Fair. It’s a ton of designers assigned to a season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) and each season will be in a different SIM I think, it’s an amazing list of people. I’m sure it’s posted on several other sites as well.

    Comment by Kallisto Destiny | March 4, 2008

  7. I don’t think there is a Hair Fair this year, let’s start a petition!!!!

    Comment by Willis | March 5, 2008

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