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Woof Woof!!

Be a part of an awesome event to help raise money for homeless dogs while buying awesome creations for your av.

On March 6th (today), the auction will begin for some ONE of a kind designs and special creations!  There will be items being auctioned off from Hexed, Neko Gear, Fashionity Fantasy, Fickle fee and AW Design, Ingenue, Inspire, Draconic Kiss, Spirit, Fuel, Lapgirl, Malinconia, Sh*t Happens, Ravenation, Geometrica Design, Szentasha Designs, and two one of a kind sets from Ravenwear one for him and one for her! Cute shoes from Fuel and Maitreya. There will also be skins by Unpredictable and Skin Within. Some awesome hair for auction by Mau’s and Mej’s and Gurl6!  And last but certainly not least adorable animals by Zooby!!

The Fashion show featuring these awesome items will take place on March 9th at 12 noon SLT at Ravens Requiem. Bidding ends on March 10th at 6AM SLT.

We will also be donating off very generous gift boxes filled with gift cards from the following stores:

!TM Hair Styles by Tami McCoy
Digital Dragons
Grendel’s Children
Callie Cline
Caseys Creations
Adam and Eve
Mau and Mej
Strokerz Toyz
Silent Sparrow

– Bidding opens March 6th (today) , 8AM SLT and goes on through March 10th at 6AM SLT
– Many items are one of a kind or pre-releases
– There are not only items to bid on but many awesome gift card baskets
– The SLurl for the show and auction is:
– All money will go to K-9 New Life Center
– Donations can be made at a jar or directly to k9newlife ninetails, the fundraising av that Raven Lament created for this event so all funds will be accounted for and separate
– Bidding ends on March 10th at 6AM SLT

From Raven:

“In a nutshell K-9 New Life Center rescues all breeds of dogs has them vet checked and made healthy and then finds them new homes. This can be very very expensive as some dogs come in with such issues as heartworms which cost almost $1000 to treat. They also neuter or spay all dogs before adoption. They also have taken in some really bad abuse and neglect cases including a dog that was pregnant and placed in a trash bag and thrown into a ditch to die and another dog that was shot and left to die. I am happy to say both dogs were nursed back and found awesome homes including all of the mommy dog’s pups.

I have personally been involved RL with this charity for 9 years and have seen all of the success stories and happy endings. It is an awesome cause and I would love to really try to help them out by using our virtual power!  Visit to see the dogs for adoption or to read about the rescue!


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