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REVIEW: Schism

I know I’m way late, but I do apologize.

In10Se Iwish dropped a review folder for his new store, Schism.  As it is defined, Schism is a new store for neko/emo/punk desires.  Now….neither of those is really me.  But, that would never keep me from an honest review.

As fate would have it, my pink haired friend, Ms. Jelly of the Bean, beat me to the punch and did her own review of Schism.  And, as I told her, it is basically the same review I was ready to give it.  So you can read hers here at Free State of Mind.  That said, mine will be a very brief summary echoing her own thoughts.

As you can see, the textures are pretty good.  The designs are interesting and for about L$80 a shirt, not a bad deal for what you are getting.  But the finishing details are not there yet.  Yes, we are spoiled.  But when you can be whatever you want to be in SL, I choose to wear clothing that looks finished and very polished.  These pieces are simply not there yet.  The edges are harsh, like they were cut with crooked sheers.  But there is definite potential.  I believe in a relatively short period of time, Schism will produce more finished items and will stand out for its textures.

Like I said, I won’t go into much more.  Go ahead and read up on Jell’s.  I would encourage you to drop by the store and see for yourself.  Definite potential there, so keep your eyes open!

SLurl to Schism:

Luvs ya all,
~*~ Aly ~*~

April 4, 2008 - Posted by | Review

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  1. Welcome back there !!

    Comment by Kallisto Destiny | April 10, 2008

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