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In Search Of Missing Designers: RPD and Naughty Designs

So I was poking around my inventory, sorting out things I want to blog up soon, and my eyes caught some names that I have not heard hind nor hair of in a loooong time.

Whatever happened to….

Rising Phoenix Designs (Ariel Black) and Naughty Designs (Ambyance2 Anubis & Lost Thereian)?

RPD housed unique fashions.  I loved how different Ariel’s designs were.  She was also among my first Fashion posts (read here).  But sadly there has not been a peep heard since December.  Her blog remains unupdated ( and the store has not seen any changes as well.  Where’d she gooooooo?

Naughty Designs was simply decadent.  Lost and Amby had a hand (and a refined one at that!) in the greatest ends of fashion:  clothes, hair, skin.  Having pulled all of their masterwork together into one sim mall, it looked they were ready to take off.  And then…..nothing.  It just stopped.   The blog has not been updated since June of last year ( and there have been no changes of notice seen at the mall housing their creations.  My skin is from ND (gifted from a friend) and I had dropped a notecard on both Amby and Lost in hopes of obtaining the remainder of the set.  But I have not heard anything nor confirmation that the notecard has been received.  Where did these brilliant minds go?

Anyone know where these people are hiding?  Are they ok?  Are they still around in another form?

Inquiring minds is thirsty to know!!!!

~*~ Aly ~*~


April 28, 2008 - Posted by | In Search of Missing Designers


  1. I unfortunately don’t know about Ariel, but Naughty started another project and became The Abyss 🙂

    Comment by elka | April 28, 2008

  2. Yay! Thank you Elka!!

    Comment by alyshassl | April 28, 2008

  3. I thought Naughty was responsible for Armidi? 😮

    And I miss RPD also, for cute out-of-the-box outfits that were afforadable and easy to mix/match.

    Comment by Dove Swanson | April 28, 2008

  4. Hiya Dove! I’m not sure. It’s possible that they have a hand in Armidi. I would not be surprised. But that’s why I’m asking the question to the cosmic void of Blogland! :o)

    Comment by alyshassl | April 28, 2008

  5. I think they are in The Abyss. The skins remind me of Alina’s

    Comment by AnaLu | April 28, 2008

  6. oooh i was wondering the same! Naughty is the abyss now?? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…..ty for answering this LOL

    Comment by SySy | April 28, 2008

  7. Naughty is not Armidi, Naughty is now The Abyss… and they both got tired of the rampant content theft, as far as I can tell.

    Comment by Tenshi Vielle | April 29, 2008

  8. I miss Naughty Design its my favorite skin 😦

    Comment by Katlene Niven | May 2, 2008

  9. Someone said my name?? 😉

    Comment by Ariel Black | May 12, 2008

  10. ARIEL’S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOT!!!

    M&Ms FOR ALL!!!

    Comment by alyshassl | May 12, 2008

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