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FASHION: Adored Clothing

~* Adored Clothing *~
~* Designer:  AmySue Shirakawa *~

Ok…..apparantly, I own skirts.  And apparantly…..I like owning skirts.

Skirts are fun.  Skirts are cute.  Skirts are sexy.

And that’s what AmySue makes.  Fun.  Cute.  Sexy.  And no, she doesn’t make just skirts!

Adored Clothing makes your little girlie avatar look cute and sexy and like you are just there to have fun. (did I mention that already?) AmySue fills her mainstore with an array of pants outfits, skirt outfits, formal dresses, costumes…..even shoes, hats and hair.  And every item has her own touch, making it truly an Adored item.  Below are my favorites that I wanted to share with you that will truly give you an idea of what Adored Clothing can bring to your sexy avie.

~* Kylie in Black & Red, Lyric in Black *~

– Kylie:  well, I had to start off with a non-skirt outfit so you would believe me! (although, the set does come with a skirt lol!).  Very clean, the high-waisted pants keeps your curves with the outfit, making it simply sexy wiithout showing much.  Of course, the peekaboo in the cleavage never hurts.

– Lyric:  this is such a unique dress.  The asymetrical layering in the skirt makes the dress salsa-esque, but elegant enough to wear to the most formal of affairs.  Beautiful and sexy.


~* Sexy Cowgirl in Black, Sophia Black Teddy *~

– Cowgirl:  yeah, I know.  Still no skirts.  But they’re coming!!  So here is the….ermmm…skin pic lol.  We start off with this awesomely sexy cuteness in a cowgirl costume.  And AmySue even gives you the option of buying the cowboy hat with color changeable hair to go with it.  Very very very sexy.  Watch out for hotness here.

– Sophia:  I was so happy when I found this in my inventory.  I put it on and I was like, “wow!  That is hot!”.  The little detailing on the entire outfit makes the outfit pop and….well…yeah…your loved one will be loving you. ;o)


~* Valerie in Red, Clarisse in Tan, Renee in Purple *~

– Valerie:  told you they were coming!  Valerie is the casual cutie.  I LOOOOOVE the corset type vest over the open button down shirt.  It brings such detail to the outfit.  The prim cuffs give more depth and the skirt is just cute.  So there. :op

– Clarisse:  this is an interesting outfit as it incorporates the camo design in only a small portion.  But it works.  It gives the dress an urban feel that is very appealing.  And AmySue also includes boots to go with it (sorry!  I realized after the fact I didn’t include the WHOLE boot.  But you get an idea.).  Cute and sexy yet again.

– Renee:  ok, I had to have my purple.  You all know this.  This….is a hot clubbing outfit.  The skirt has flexi ribbons on each side and add either the Renee boots or your own favorite cloppers and you are ready to party it up sexxxy style.  Love it.

So there it is.  Are you hungry for this yet?  You should be.  Click the SLurl below and get to the shopping!

Adored Clothing SLurl:

~*~ Aly ~*~

P.S. I don’t know if it’s how I processed the photos in Flickr or WordPress or just my laptop, but if the pics look a little funny to you as well, you can view them on my Flickr stream:


May 2, 2008 - Posted by | Fashion


  1. Can you tell us the name and location of the hair in the first set of pics and the last set of pics? Very cute messy bun. I needy!

    Thanks and *SMOOCH*

    Comment by Gabby M. | May 5, 2008

  2. ooooo for smoochies, I’ll give out anything! ;o) lol.

    The hair I wore for each outfit (except for the cowgirl, as that was from Adored) is Armidi’s Ginza.

    Not a brand new release, but I think a recent one.

    Armidi is one of the handful of places I would love to spend hours shopping in, but the overabundance of prims plus the people causes my laptop to shout profanities at me.

    So there you go! :o)

    Comment by alyshassl | May 5, 2008

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