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Is it…yeah, I guess I have to, huh? A Review Policy

I guess in my month or so away from being totally focused on blogging, I missed an apparant (yet quiet) uproar in the so-called “Blogger Review Policy”.  I say so-called because some fellow bloggers put out very strict rules as to what they will review (or else) and others could really just care less.   And it was weird, because the other day I was getting about seven or so IM convos about this very thing, without anyone knowing I was discussing it with anyone else.

So, here is my so-called “Review Policy”, in the form of a Q&A.

I gotta keep you people entertained somehow, don’t I?

(I’ll break it here so as not to fill the feed.  But feel free to come on over and read…and comment…and sing…and recite poetry….)

So what exactly do you/will you blog about?  Anything and everything that my little fingers decide they want to tell the keyboard to formulate.  Fashion is high on my list (clothes, shoes, hair, skin, jewelry), but I’m an equal opportunity Linden-dollar spender.  So feel free to toss it my way.

Do you only blog about what content creators send you?  Have you read my blog lately?  The answer is no.  As it was from the beginning, my inspiration (well, one of a few) for starting and maintaining my blog was my ever expanding inventory.  And like my ever expanding waistline, if there are delicious goodies out there – free or for sale – I will gobble them up until I can’t gobble no more.

I’m a content creator/PR agent for/a friend of so & so.  Nice to meet you.  I’m Alysha. :o)

I’d like to send you some items for you to review.  How best should I go about that?  As easy as it is for you to drop it, I’ll take it.  It doesn’t need to come in a box 2 meters by 2 meters by 4 meters in size and colored blue.  Just drop what you want in a folder and drop it in my profile.  The only tiny little thing I ask (which is in your favor anyway) is please make sure you include the name of your store (if applicable ie. it’s not your name) and a LM where I can go and spend more money that I don’t have.

I’m finding way too many Alysha’s in the search.  Who are you?  Yeah, I finally realized that I’ve kept my av’s last name hidden.  Originally it was so I wouldn’t be stalked.  I think.  But I fixed it finally in the About Me page.  My last name is Rennahan.

When can I expect my items to be reviewed?  Here’s where I’m sure someone will groan.  I will always try my utmost to blog every item I receive.  I will always promise to give an honest review.  I will never be nasty, but I will be honest.  However, circumstances will arise in which I find that there are items that I simply do not get around to reviewing.  Either RL takes my time away or my inventory eats it or my SL schedule is so out of whack that by the time I go to see what’s in my inventory, your item has been pushed out of my Recent Items tab.  I do apologize.  It is nothing personal and I hope nothing that dissuades you from contacting me again.  It is just….life.

Do you friend/accept friend invites from content creators?  I have a handful of content creators on my friends list for various reasons.  It does not impact how I blog them or how often.  They are a wonderful bunch of people to talk to, grab hugs from, and bounce ideas off of.  I have just chosen to have them on my friends list.  And that is my perrogative.  Will I accept your friend offer?  Like that first time noob that walks into the club and starts friending everyone, I will not accept friend offers out of the blue from people I do not talk to.  But talk to me enough and I will definitely add you. :o)

Anything else I should know right now about your blogging?  I always send IMs to content creators that I have blogged as soon as I hit the “Publish” button.  I like letting them know that I have written something about their creations.  I also find that it brightens their day.  And that, in turn, puts a rather large goofy smile on my face.  Because anyone that knows me knows that I am at my happiest when I have succeeded in making others happy.  Even over the littlest of things.

So after all that, I will sign off on this little post.  Please feel free to leave comments or questions.  I love reading them!

Love to all!
~*~ Aly ~*~

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