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FRESH OFF THE BLOGS: Almost Summer…But Not Yet

Picking back up this very popular category.  Just to remind everyone, I tend to list anything that has caught my eye that has been posted between Saturday and Friday mid-day, as I usually post this Friday afternoon – early evening.

So let’s see what has been spawned this week, shall we?

– Alienbear Gupte releases a continuation of her SLRFL contribution, the Princess Carita Collection, in eight other gemstones.  Also released this week, as part of a collaboration with RL and SL lingerie company Carnal Lingerie, comes “Floretta”.  Both sets looks simply amazing.  (

– Reaching back just one more day, DoC releases “Emotions”, full of wonderful detail and available as a gorgeous dress or a pants outfit.  And then today, he goes ahead and releases “Catrina”, a H-O-T corset-style top with pants outfit.  I think he just likes to watch me drool.  (

– Ravenlynn has us thinking of funner, sunnier days as she releases outrageously adorable summer babydoll-ish dresses.  And all for only L$50 each!!  How can you pass that up?  (

– Nyte Caligari drops a load of new releases on our heads, including “Piccilo” – a cute summer dress, and “Bandeau” – a pants outfit featuring a sheer, flowing top.  Must shop! (

– PixelDolls handed over some gorgeous looking tops and more additions to the latest mini-dress release.  (

– Sioxie must be on a “cami” train lol.  She releases yet another installment of her ruched camisoles, this time in wild animal prints.  Love ’em!  (

– Tracy Scofield of Encore rereleases some of her favorites in pink to benefit the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.  Stop by, pick up your favorites, and help benefit a worthy cause. (

– Ciera Bergman gives us girlie girls a girlie girl dress in “Gabbi II”.  OMG, it so shouts of spring, I luuuv it!  (

NEWEST DISCOVERY!  While on my continued tour of all those owning Subscribe-o-matics, I happened upon MEYA.  For those that don’t know, MEYA creates unique poses, mainly aimed at couples.  I was awestruck when I was camming around to view these poses.  Definitely a must stop for professional photographers.  Anyhoo, two new releases this week – “Busted”, aptly named for the naughty couple being caught offguard ;o), and “Lazin”, which actually comes in two variations.  Check it out! (

ATTENTION ALL MY CONTENT CREATORS THAT CREATE SHOES!!  You better have sent in your applications for the SL Footwear Expo to Phoenix Chapman.  I will verily disappointed and perplexed if I know you make shoes and don’t see you there.  (

Have a wonderful shopping-filled weekend!
~*~ Aly ~*~

PSSST….this was my 100th post!!!!!!


May 9, 2008 - Posted by | Fresh Off the Blogs

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