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FRESH OFF THE BLOGS: Where to Spend My Holiday Money

OMG!  I can’t tell you how stoked I am for a three-day weekend!!  I plan to sleep….and shop….and sleep some more…and shop some more…

That sounds like a good plan, don’t you think? ;o)

Off to the blogs!:

– Nicky Ree gives us her latest creation, “Florence”, a stunning gown with many mix-em, match-em possibilities.  What I am loving on this gown is the detail of the flowers.  Wonderful work.  (

– DoC is making me smile yet again with his release this week, “Bound”.  Detailed to fit in the goth/fantasy/apocalyptic style, this is just uber-yummy.  (

– Someone’s been busy over at Digital Dragon Designs.  This week, they pushed out four different styles of shoes and some very cute looking lingerie.  I guess they were on break for too long. ;op (

– Janie’s been busy, putting new creations in at Mischief.  This week she gives us sensational suspenders, bountiful buttons with bows, and terrific teeny tanks. Yeah, I know.  Don’t quit my day job.  (

– And whatever coffee Janie’s been on, I think Raven Lament over at Ravenwear has been drinking it too.  HOLY RELEASES BATMAN!!  Starting from Saturday, May 17th, she released *counts* EIGHT new items!!  I’m loving how the peasant blouses look.  Now if only she’ll use that energy to come clean my house… (

– Cute and absolutely unique.  That’s the only way to describe the very latest shoe release from Shiny Things, entitled “Skyliners”.  I will have these.  (

– Lexi Morgan of Stellar Designs sends us girls back to school – naughty style.  “Reform School Hottie” says it all….with the garters.  (

Enjoy your long weekend kids!
~*~ Aly ~*~

May 23, 2008 - Posted by | Fresh Off the Blogs

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