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FRESH OFF THE BLOGS: Who Has All This Energy?

I desperately need a vacation.

Not a day.  Not a weekend.  Not a week.  Quite possibly not even a month.

I need a whole year.

Anyone willing to help me?

From the depths of the SL Blog-verse:

– Blaze Columbia has apparantly been hard at work.  And with such gorgeous gowns, you gotta show the appreciation.  “Arioso Dress” is a perfect dress for a night out on a warm evening.  Also sporting the same name, the “Arioso Bikini” is hot and ready to hit the beach for the summer.  “Hollywood” is a gown that looks just like its name.  Elegant, sophisticated, and made for the red carpet.  (

– I think DoC gets some sick thrill out of watching me drool.  “Sophia” is the most versatile little-black-dress-that-doesn’t-have-to-always-be-little I have ever seen.  Sooooo many different options and each piece oooozing with detail.  Ok, clean up on Aisle 4.  (

– Six Kennedy is cranking out the hot hairstyles faster than I can figure out the square root of 543,354.  Two long styles and one really cute short cut to be found over at Gurl 6. (

– Ravenlynn, my kitty friend, over at Liquid Velvet Studios is celebrating Vincent Price’s birthday.  And to do so, she has released some awesome looking outfits and other goodies.  I see a pajama set, a hoodie, and an anime set with my name on it.  (

– Ok, I’m gonna have to give Janie at Mischief some additional M&Ms, because she must be running on a sugar high to keep producing….and producing…and producing…  OMG, just…just…just go look.  (

– WHERE DO YOU DESIGNERS FIND YOUR ENERGY?  DON’T YOU SLEEP?  Raven Lament is another one cranking them out over at Ravenwear.  The “Punked Tease” and the striped tube tops are catching my eye, but omg go look… (

– I can always appreciate a nice silk (so can the bf lol!).  Solange gives us “Ikbal” and it’s damn sexy.  Interesting story behind it too.  (

Stay cool kids!  My air conditioning is going in this weekend!!  WOOT!
~*~ Aly ~*~


May 30, 2008 - Posted by | Fresh Off the Blogs

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