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Fashion Expo Fashion Show – Items for Auction

Wow.  I can’t believe it came and went that quick.  But I had a great time and would do it again in a heartbeat (and preferably with a better lappytop lol!).

I’ll post later after the expo is done about my experience.  But right now, I want to show you the items that I modeled at the Fashion Show that are up for auction right now.  Remember that all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society Relay for Life in Second Life.

So, come!  Take a look!

Fashion Expo - Mi Swing es Tropical

The first piece I modeled was this great design from Digit Darkes, called “Mi Swing es Tropical”.  It’s got a great texture and the skirt is wild and sexy.  The more I wore this, the more it grew on me.  It’s an absolutely wonderful creation and shmexily (yes, a new word!) fun.  What I wore with it:
Hair = Calla “Osmunda”
Shoes = Digit Darkes “Tropical Shoes”
Necklace & Earrings = Alienbear Gupte “Calla 1st Anniversary Set”
Bracelets = Caroline’s “Black Flexi Bangles”

Fashion Expo - Purple Velvet Dress

This cute, simple dress is the “Purple Velvet Dress”, created by Serina Juran of Stones of Heaven.  It’s soft and pretty, the flexi flows very nicely.  It’s simple and pretty.  This auction piece includes the Black Opal Pendant on Gold shown here.  What I wore with it:
Hair = ETD “Jessica”
Shoes = Tesla “Vixen_II”

Fashion Expo - Karma

This is the dress…that if it wasn’t going up for auction…I would never let go.  This is “Karma”, created by Zaara Kohime of Zaara’s Indian Couture.  The texture, the design, the flow…it’s just stunning.  When I received the pic of this dress that I was going to be modeling, my jaw hit the floor.  Zaara is wonderfully talented and this piece speaks volumes.  What I wore with it:
Jewelry = Muse “Marguerite Peacock Feather”
Hair = ETD “Roslin”
Shoes = Adam n Eve “Incanti”

So there you have it!  This is just a sample of all the wonderful one-of-a-kind items that have been created solely for this auction.  You need to stop by and place your bid now!!  Bidding is open now until June 9th at 9PM SLT.  You can hop a direct flight to the auction via this plane.

ALSO – I guess I have to plug myself now, don’t I? LOL It’s for a great cause anyway.  So yes, as I happen to have been a model for the Fashion Show, I am now in the running for the Fashion Expo Top Fashion Model.  Each vote is a donation of at least L$1, again with all the proceeds going to the RFL.  The voting ends on June 9th at 9PM SLT as well.  And you can access that flight via this gate.

And after you have bid on your favorites and donated to vote for your favorite model *wink wink*, THEN you can go and explore the expo.  The build is fabulous and so many of SL’s great designers have taken up residence with their creations.  Four sims, so much to see and buy.

Stay cool everyone!!  *sticks her face in front of the fan on high*
~*~ Aly ~*~

June 8, 2008 - Posted by | Fashion

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  1. Your styles are awsome I want to be a fashion degiener Too !!! Your styles are awsome Thanks by!!!! :]

    Comment by Emily | December 11, 2008

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