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FRESH OFF THE BLOGS: Royalty, Fantasy…and Some Other Things

I am always amazed and humbled by the creativity of SL’s content creators.  You just have to admire the details that go into pieces that come straight from the imagination. 

#2 Pencils Ready?:

– Alienbear Gupte creates true royalty in her contribution to the Designers in Seclusion RFL Prom Party Auction.  The “Prom King” and “Prom Queen” Crowns are gorgeously detailed and well worth any bid they garner.  (

– I think these look absolutely adorable!  Dark Eden releases Imps and Fairies in a Bottle (also some Imps that sit on your shoulder).  And talk about a best buy deal:  the entire 15 piece set – all the fairies and imps in their various positions – is only L$300!!  How can you beat that?  (

– Astry over at Digital Knickers released an absolutely beautiful, sexy dress named “Liana”.  This outfit is so versatile – one way a salsa dress, another way a dress angled to be reminiscent of 1700s.  All around sexy.  (

– Aleri Darkes of Diversity was busy this past week, giving us lucky people FIVE new hairstyles, stylish belts, and cute dresses.  Oh my, too much to look at…. (

– Ok, I’m going on a mission.  I’m going to sneak into Zoey’s and Ninja’s computers and watch them crank out shoe….after shoe…..after shoe…..after shoe….after shoe…..after… get the idea.  Sooooooo many wedges released this week (and I think a stiletto slipped in there too).  (

Viva La Pepsi! ;op
~*~ Aly ~*~

June 13, 2008 - Posted by | Fresh Off the Blogs

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