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Hi kids!

I have not vanished again.  I have many things to blog about in regards to the Fashion Expo, which includes the special items made for the Expo and my experience.  I also will be posting an FOTB post today.  So no worries and keep your TV tuned right here for yummmies.

On a side note, I seem to have hit a snag that I am looking for suggestions for.  I have recently added on a photo studio to my house (because my poor house was sick of seeing a gazillion pose ball laying around).  It’s in two parts:  one side is all the photo stuff – photosphere, backdrop wall, etc.  The other side I’m trying to create into a sitting room/relaxing room/waiting room/that kind of style.  But I am having no luck in finding furniture I like or that I think would fit.  I know I’d like some sofas/easy chairs (with a nice assortment of poses built in), a nice coffee table…I was even considering putting in maybe like a bar-type set up against a wall.  Just to warn you:  you are talking to the person who took 2 weeks to finally figure out the correct set up of furniture in her own house (like a damn puzzle).

So I’m looking and open for suggestions to some designers/stores that deal in furniture.  I have a few places that I frequent, but nothing is grabbing my eye.   So please comment with your suggestions.  I would love any help anyone is willing to give.

See you all later today!  Luvs!
~*~ Aly ~*~

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  1. Try looking at the Loft. It’s Colleen Desmoulins (or however you spell her name) anyroo it’s really good. Also try looking at stuff Beth Heart has done. ❤ miss ya!

    Comment by jellybeanmadison | June 13, 2008

  2. I ran into your blog on the feed so I will plug self shamelessly 🙂

    I own a furniture store inworld, poseball free (all build in animations and often multi sit, texture/colour/both change systems and sized to fit the average avie rather then swallow it 🙂

    Look me up inworld, there’s an LM to my store C&O there.


    Comment by yelo uriza | June 13, 2008

  3. Another up-and-coming builder you might want to look at is *ahem* Eremia Woodbury.
    Linkies to my stores in my profile.

    /end shameless self-promotion 😉

    Comment by eremiawoodbury | June 13, 2008

  4. @Jell: thanks doll! I have been to The Loft before, but haven’t REALLY looked around. I may now. *huge tackle hugggles*

    @Yelo and Eremia: self-promotion is always welcome!! :o)

    Comment by alyshassl | June 13, 2008

  5. Shameless plug for me too. My store is ‘Vent du Sud’ on Resurgence. Smallish but I’m growing, and my motto is that low-prim doesn’t have to be clunky. It means ‘wind from the south’ as I live in the South of France and take a lot of inspiration from European ‘modern classics’ with a dash of mediterranean thrown in.

    All my sofas and seating areas, poufs, pillows, are colour-change with anims built in. I like to focus on simple things with beautiful, beautiful textures and attention to detail. At the moment I have a freebie floor cushion with persian fabrics at the Venic Passion treasure hunt (3 poses).

    IM me in world if you see anything you like – I’m happy to do custom work and colours.

    Ariadne Korda

    Comment by Ariadne | June 14, 2008

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