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Another Day in SL…and The VRC


It took me (not exaggerating) almost an hour yesterday to photograph the stuff I want to post about the Fashion Expo.  SL would not let me change outfits no matter what.  *slams head against wall* I will try to post tonight when I get home.

In the meantime, I thought I would take this opportunity to bring to your attention to a little mini side project I started that I think will be very helpful to a large group of people.

Introducing The VRC:  Vendors Rental Connection.

This is an idea born of my own experiences managing a mall and dealing with my wonderful content creators.

The basics of it are this:  bring together in one place those that are looking for vendor rental space (the “seekers”) and those that own said vendor rental space (the “owners”). 

I know that there are several little groups that handle either a certain area or just one space, but I thought this would be a great way to bring those all together.

Anyone interested in the grand specifics, please feel free to IM me in-world (Alysha Rennahan) and I will drop the appropriate notecard to you.  But to be brief –

– the “owner” group functions out of an in-world SL group.  There is a minimal fee to join (to deter those that don’t really belong there). 
– the “seeker” group functions off of the Subscribeomatic program (because I know how many groups you already need to have just to put your stuff down).
– available rental locations are sent to me via the information notecard available from the “owners”.  Once membership in the “owner” group is confirmed and the information complete, it is passed on to the “seeker” group.

And that’s it!  Easy as pie!

Something you are interested in?  “Owners” can join the in-world SL group by looking up “Vendors Rental Connection (The VRC)” in the Group Search.  “Seekers” can join up via the Subscribeomatic I have up at my studio location:

Or feel free to buzz me and ask for a TP.

Be back soon!
~*~ Aly ~*~


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  1. SL was too weird last night. :/

    Comment by Ana Lutetia | June 16, 2008

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