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REVIEW: Fashion Expo 2008

Wow, ok….I sincerely apologize.  I had no idea it would take me THIS long to get this together.  But between my time commitments being wonky the past week or so and SL having fun watching clothes dissolve onto my poor av’s skin, it was just….yeah, a fun process lol!

But here it is.  As I promised, a review of my experience with the Fashion Expo – organized by the BBA All-Stars RFL Team – and the purchases I made that I wanted to show.

First, my experience….

It was one that I was very happy and honored to have had.  I met a lot of people, some of which I now consider close friends and look forward to seeing those friendships grow in all kinds of crazy directions.  Oh, and somehow I managed to become the Fashion Expo Top Fashion Model.  So yay!!  Now I have even MORE shopping to do lol!!!!

I’d like to post a personal thank you to my fellow runway models – all who were well established models in SL, but who helped me through my first time on a runway with their do’s, don’ts, tips, tricks, poses, AOs, photos…everything.  Thank you all so much.  You made my feeling like the new kid on the first day of school into one that was not so overwhelming.  The work you all do is amazing and it was an honor walking and modeling side by side with you.

I would also like to take up this small byte space to thank the BBA All-Stars team, especially Nikki Mathieson, Autumn Fairlane, Lexi Morgan, and Tim Marat.  You each got your own thank yous from me in-world but now I get to say it one more time on the world wide web.  Your support, encouragement, smiles, hugs, jokes, EVERYTHING was a joy to have in my life and made my experience a wonderful one.  You are all wonderful, loving, talented people and I hope to keep contact with you and work with you in the future.

And one more thank you before the fashion.  I would like to thank everyone that was in the audience (or sending support from beyond) that helped me through my walks on the runway.  Reading the open chat and seeing people that I have either chatted with via this blog or have some sort of relationship in RL/SL helped me more than words.  You know who you all are and I love you all so much for it.  Thank you….more than words.

So thus endeth the mushy stuff.  I had a great time and if asked to do it again, I’d grab the M&Ms and ask which way do I go. :o)


(side note:  my RL work is driving me more nuts than usual.  Sanity is at a bare minimum.  You have been warned)

As this is a lengthy post, I will forgo individual commentary on each outfit.  But I will make some general statements that I think give credit to where credit is due:

– each designer that participated in the Expo contributed at least one item where the proceeds from the sale went to the RFL.  As much as I was insanely tempted to buy it all (came near close!), the pics shown here are my favs.
– the detail in these outfits that make them special is phenomenal.  And yes, I now have an onslaught of pinkness in my inventory.  Jell would be proud. ;o)
– want one of your own?  It is possible that these (or any of the expo’s) designers still have these outfits up in the RFL vendors in their location.  You will just have to stop by their respective stores and see for yourselves (plus it gives you another reason to shop, so, you know….)

Here they come!

Fashion Expo Review

Fashion Expo Review

Fashion Expo Review

Fashion Expo Review

Fashion Expo Review

Fashion Expo Review

Fashion Expo Review

Fashion Expo Review

Fashion Expo Review

Fashion Expo Review

So there it is kids…..your Fashion Expo Review.

Made some friends, had some fun, bought too much, was shocked and honored, and helped make a difference.

What else can one person ask for?

~*~ Aly ~*~

P.S. If people would like, I can post SLurls in the comments.  Just let me know. :o)


June 19, 2008 - Posted by | Review


  1. Alysha,
    That was such an incredibly sweet post that I have goose bumps. It was an absolute pleasure working with you as well and even better that I’ve made such a great friend :))
    Your fellow east coaster,(lol)
    Lexi xoxo

    Comment by Lexi Morgan | June 19, 2008

  2. *hugs Lexi tight* luv you much girlie! <3<3<3

    Comment by alyshassl | June 19, 2008

  3. awww what a sweet sweet post 😀 Lovely pictures too
    *MUAH* you did awesome durign the show 🙂

    Comment by SySy | June 20, 2008

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