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FRESH OFF THE BLOGS: First Day of Summer

Sometimes I crack myself up…….

I’m thinking of a title for today’s FOTB post and I’m thinking, “well, when is the first day of summer?”.  Lo and behold, upon Googling, Google features….yup, the first day of summer…which is today.

Yeah, my mind is a wonder.

Let’s see what SL’s designers are cooking up to turn up the summer heat:

– Not swimwear, but Icing’s latest release “Mignouette” is absolutely hot.  The image of gathered satin in yummy colors (I see purple!!!) is just smexxxy hotness.  (

– Nope, no swimwear yet.  I promise it’s coming.  But you NEED to check out Adam n Eve’s hot new release “Samantha”, inspired by the Samantha from the Sex and the City movie.  With two versions – one featuring a side slit to die for – this dress is H to the O-T! (

– I think I’m going to have to keep Digital Dragon Designs in a template for FOTB at this rate.  They are releasing every week!!  So go have a look…too many yummies to talk about.  However, I will say that the “Alexa Heels”………need…to…have… (

– Loungewear, lingerie, and lucious others…. Janie lets us show the skin that we want to get tan.  And…well, the skin we want to show others too! (

– Here’s some!!!!  Nyte’n’Day releases a handful-plus-some of items, including some cute one-piece swimsuits entitled “Motley”.  (

– Bikinis and…brides?  Hey, whatever works, right?  PixelDolls releases another bikini and some wonderfully detailed bridal creations.  (

– It’s my kitty friend Ravenlynn’s birfday!!  And she gives us presents!!!  Ain’t she a sweetie??  Check out a whole buttload of new releases, including some….wow…tiny biknis! ❤ (

– my shmexxxy Lexi over at Stellar Designs released….omgoodness….SOOOOO much for the summer, for both guys and girls.  Me thinks she was on too much Frappaccino goodness. (

Turn up the heat!
~*~ Aly ~*~


June 20, 2008 - Posted by | Fresh Off the Blogs

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