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I know, I usually post FOTB on Fridays.  But I’m surfing the blogs and finding sales that I want to share with all of you (plus it’ll remind me where I want to shop).

– Vitamin Ci:  50% off sale until June 30th.  Taken straight from the blog:  “Participating Stores: Vitamin Ci, Pixel Deep, Body Perfect.  SAVE ON CLOTHING, SKINS, SHAPES AND MORE!!!!  The advertisement says it all! 50% off of all items (June 23rd-June30th), with the exception of new releases, ALL WEEK! Come on by the Hefferoo Sim and enjoy all of what we have to offer. Enjoy xoxo PS: Due to the volume of sales, gift certificates will not be available for purchase or redemption this week. I am sorry for the inconvenience.”  (

– Torridwear:  50% off sale through Thursday, June 26th.  Taken straight from the blog:  “I haven’t had a sale in…well…let’s just say a very long time lol. Starting today at 3:00 PM SLT (PST) all animation products will be 50% off (excluding discount) at my shop location in Chartreuse. The sale will run through Thursday (June 26th) until midnight SLT. On Friday new product will be released!”  (

– Encore:  Main Store Location Closing 50% off sale for the next few days.  Taken straight from the blog:  “Anyway, I’ve decided to run a Location Closing Sale for the next few days. From now through Friday, everything in my Austin Island store will be 50% off! Perms have been changed to mod/copy/NO TRANS to protect myself from resellers, especially considering my other locations will remain open.”  (

– Diversity Hair:  All hair in new textures ONLY is 50% off until June 30th.  Taken straight from the blog:  “Hey Everyone!  Until June 28, all hairstyles in the NEW TEXTURES ONLY will be marked down 50% on all packs! Since many of the releases today are current hairstyles retextured in the new textures, I thought a sale was in order yay! I will have all of the styles that are on sale in the center of the store where the new releases are located. Remember the sale is ONLY for the hairstyles that are in the new textures :)”  (

(UPDATED:  Wednesday, June 25th, 9:26am EST)

– Ornamental Life:  50% off sale June 25th-July 1st.  Ummm..that’s it lol! (

– Dutch Touch:  50% off store cards TODAY ONLY!!!!  Taken straight from the blog:  “ONLY TODAY!!! StoreCardSALE! 50% Discount!, Pay 150 LD and get a 300 LD StoreCard! Pay 250 LD and get a 500 LD StoreCard! Pay 750 LD and get a 1500 LD StoreCard! Pay 1500 LD and get a 3000 LD StoreCard! The display with discounted StoreCards is located at the ::DT:: Seperatesstore at Willow Beach ^^ ::DUTCH TOUCH::StoreCards are only usable at the ::DT:: OutletStore and ::DT:: SeperatesStore at WIllow Beach ;-)) (

(UPDATED:  Wednesday, June 25th, 2:42pm EST)

– Big Booty Big Money:  75% sale on most items in the store.  Taken straight from the blog:  “Much of the store reduced!” (

– Pushbutton Industries:  Storewide 50% sale on everything in the mainstore at Le Zoo from now until Friday night.  Taken straight from the blog:  “All my clothes, hairs, furnishings, tattoos and accessories are up to 50% off. This includes fatpacks and all releases up to and including the Gatsby. I’m so cheap and lazy I’ve never had a sale before, so this is doubly exciting for me, just to be able to change the prices on hundreds of items and not give up and go take a nap. So come celebrate and buy as much as you can. Sale ends Friday night. This sale is ONLY at my mainstore in LE ZOO:” (

(UPDATE AGAIN!:  Wednesday, June 25th, 4:45pm EST – I think everyone is having 50%ish off sales to prep for July 4th and/or summer sales.  Or…they like to keep me on my toes.)

– AnnaH:  50% off sale on everything starting (I guess) now until…whenever!  Taken straight from the blog:  “But, to compensate my dear costumers for being a bad store owner, I am doing a 50% sale! Yeah, that’s it! All, and I mean ALL items are 50% off. Poses, pose packs, pose balls, latest releases, old clothing items… I mean EVERYTHING! Grab everything you can, while it is at the price of rain! And it will be like this, ’till my next release!”  (

(UPDATED:  Thursday, June 26th, 10:00am EST – I’ll keep going if they keep posting it until the FOTB post!)

– Reaction:  50% off everything at the new home on Boneyard, July 1st ONLY.  Taken straight from the blog:  “New sim, new stuff, new store. Come join us at the Boneyard opening! The new home of Reaction!” (

SLURLS!!!!!  I remembered!!!

Torridwear SLurl:
Encore SLurl:
Vitamin Ci SLurl:
Diversity Hair SLurl:
Ornamental Life SLurl:
Dutch Touch SLurl:
Big Booty Big Money SLurl:
Pushbutton Industries SLurl:
AnnaH SLurl:
Reaction SLurl:  (TBA)

*bolts out the office door and drives like a maniac home*
~*~ Aly ~*~

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