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FRESH OFF THE BLOGS: Pre-Holiday Week Goodies

Ok, was it me….or did this week almost drag?  Maybe I’m just dying for a day off.  Anyhoo….

Reminder of the sales that were happening this week.  You can refresh your brains by reading my post here.  Just double check the end dates, some have ended by the time you read this.

What did this week give us:

– My dear Lexi was on a roll this week, releasing three hot hot hot items for us girls.  Me thinks I needs the Go-Go outfit…like…now.  (

– Hark ye!  I see yummable shoes!!  The Shoe Expo can’t come fast enough!!  Adam n Eve gives us lunchable shoes entitled “Babii Pumps”.  Also released the next outfit in the Sex and the City inspired line, the Carrie Corset.  Mmmmm, yummminess abounds.  (

– Analise picks back up in releases, giving us “Nevana” (sexy silks) and “Tigress” (panther wear).  Unleash your sexiness!!  (

– Detail Drool Alert!  DoC brings us “Haley”, a very classy jacket and pants outfit in rich color and detail work.  (

– Pretty dresses and revealing outfits.  Janie delivers more goodies for us to pick up over at Mischief.  The “Bliss” dress is just toooo cute.  (

– Did I mention that I need the Shoe Expo to come like…  Fallingwater graces us with “Plainers”, an awesome yummy shoe kind of similar to her “Skyliners” but unique unto themselves.  (

– Nicky Ree gives us embroidered yumminess in her new release, “Ester”.  Gorgeous style and detailing.  Love it to pieces.  (

– Since she took the very pretty gown away from me (all for a good cause!), I am now stalking Zaara Kohime.  And OMG….she must have seen me peeking in her window late at night.  “Anjuna” may be my new favorite casual style for the summer, with “Calangute” in a very close second.  (

– Madame SySy has been very busy these past weeks.  I will be adding the “Glam” bikins to my inventory ASAP.  (

– Philotic Energy released three new styles this week.  “Lain” looks verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry cute.  (

Almost July 4th!!  WOOT!!
~*~ Aly ~*~


June 28, 2008 - Posted by | Fresh Off the Blogs

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