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FRESH OFF THE BLOGS: Can I Eat My Fashion?

I just want to start off by thanking everyone who commented on my SL Pricing post.  It was a lot of good info and opinions.  So danke danke danke!! :o)

Reminder that this is the last weekend for the Shoe Expo (, the Lingerie & Beachwear Expo (, and the Bridal Expo (  So if you still have money left *counts hers desperately*, now would be the time to head down to these expos if you haven’t already.

And I know I still owe you all some posts (damn RL).  As I’m home all weekend, my little bloggy fingers should be very busy.  So keep your eyes peeled.

This week, there were a lot of fashion yummies (hence the title!).  Take a look:

– I’m convinced Janie designs in her sleep.  She released sooooooooooo much this week.  And it’s soooooooooooooo yummy.  Just….just…..just look here!! (

– DoC graces us with “Reyka”, yumminess in colors and layers, for the gals and the guys.  Thank you DoC!! (

– Maitreya produced sculpted yummies, named “Frenzy”.  They are slingback, peep toe heels, and they look good enough to eat!!  (

– Yummy sale!  Zaara is putting her earlier designs on sale, as much as 50%!  No end date as of yet, so get it while it’s good! (

– My girlie Lexi created delicious yummies for us girlies (and I guess us girlies’ guys lol!) this week.  Among them, “Cheeky” skirt sets (need I explain?), creative “Gutter Glam”, and pretty pretty “Animal Instinct”.  I lubs her! (

– Unless you’ve been lost in the refrigerator lately, you know that Gurl 6 gives us “specials” in hair packs almost every day.  But they only last a day!  Today’s (Friday) is Fifi…and she’s lickable! (

– Another girlie of mine is Ravenlynn at LVS.  And she made…………..melting, delicious, yummy bikinis.  Like bewbalicious kinis.  Me want NOW! (

– Need some edible accessories in the mix.  You NEED to check out PERSONA’s new jewelry line.  Wood, metal, oh my goodness…I am loving them!  (

Keep cool and fashionable kiddies!
~*~ Aly ~*~


July 25, 2008 - Posted by | Fresh Off the Blogs

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