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FRESH OFF THE BLOGS: Hawt Releases, a New Flickr Group, and a Reminder

FOTB - Tesla's "Marie Heels"

I know, I usually don’t start an FOTB post with a pic.  But Ms. Tesla was very generous and kind and ….well, maybe she was nuts to give a wacky person like me more shoes.  But I said, “thank you so very much!” and ran away with them!  But hey, even you have to admit —- THEY LOOK GOOD!!  You will go buy now, yes?  (

Oh?  What is that?  What about that hot outfit?

FOTB - Stellar Designs "Savage"

Oh yes!  Well, this is a hot new release too!  It’s from my friend Lexi Morgan over at Stellar Designs.  It’s called “Savage” and it comes in some sweeeeet camo colors.  But sorry, this black version is a Special Edition that Lexi handed out to her Flickr group winners (thank you Lexi!).  But the other colors are hawt! (

Other sightings in the SL Fashion Blog world:

– Adam n Eve brings us versatility in silk with their “Samara” release.  Gorgeous color choices and it looks simply fantastic.  (

– LOL I’m starting to think it wouldn’t be an FOTB post without some newness from Janie!  Just about a handful of new goodies, but what I want the most is the “Stay True” outfit.  Very sexy with ruffles.  (

– Pretty pretty new dress at Refuge!  Entitled “Charisma”, it has a sexy open back for a summer-type-cut dress.  (

– Another silk creation, this time from Second Wave Fashion.  The “Double Strap Halter Top” in all its silky goodness is a perfect match to an awesome pair of jeans.  (

– In a world where weather is never really an issue, you can always appreciate a good umbrella.  Go check out Torridwear’s latest release, “Paraplu”.  This pose set and umbrella prop contains just so much good ol’ fashion (ha ha!) fun.  (

– LOL I think I’m on a girly girl kick again!  Tuli released some realllly cute dresses, limited only to her store on Amicitia.  The “Amicitia Collection” contains a realllly cute floral dress called “Amy”.  Me wants.  (

NEW FLICKR GROUP!  For those on Flickr (and for those thinking about getting on Flickr), I have started up a new group, entitled “Remembering Last Call”.  I think taking all the shoe expo piccies made me think of it.  Anyhoo, it’s a place to post all kinds of pics of you and your cherished Last Call/DHC items.  I’m also hoping to have contests, but because I do nothing, it will depend on any contributions/donations I receive.  But stop by, check it out, and join us! (

REMINDER TO ALL VENDOR SPOT SEEKERS AND VENDOR SPOT OWNERS!  I am managing a B2B group/SoM – The Vendors Rental Connection.  You can read my post with details here.  As I keep seeing the occasional “spots for rent” post appearing on the feed, I thought I would remind everyone.

Vendors Rental Connection (The VRC)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
~*~ Aly ~*~


August 1, 2008 - Posted by | Fresh Off the Blogs

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