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No FOTB This Week

Hi kids,

I do apologize, but there will be no FOTB post this week.  RL events as of late have drained my mind to a point where I feel like I’m a walking avatar and someone else is behind the monitor at the keyboard.

However, I’m never without pointing you in the direction of places to shop (because that would just be wrong).

Two hot items that I know I will be heading to:

– Hair Fair 2008 (  well, look at it this way…if you haven’t been reading the feed, then you’re in a cave.  Definitely stop over (in your primless look) and pick up unique hair styles created just for the fair (and some that have already been created that you have been saying “maybe I’ll buy it one day).  It is for a good cause after all.

– TM Hair Styles by Tami McCoy (  50% off all hair before new textures are put in place.  I remember stopping at TM way before my av makeover, looking at her pretty hair.  I stopped there this morning and already I have a new hair I’m loving on my head.  So definitely stop by.

Again, I have stuff sitting in my inventory BEGGGGGING to be blogged.  And I really want to get to it.  So hopefully I’ll have something for you to look at this weekend.

Stay cool kids!
~*~ Aly ~*~


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