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FRESH OFF THE BLOGS: A Little…Fall Cleaning?

Hmmm…had a couple of days of cooler weather here.  Means that autumn is knocking on the door.  Heading into the last four months of the year is sure to bring some wonderful creations and endless sales from designers.

Which means…….my 40K+ inventory needs some cleaning!!!!!

Being the holiday weekend (huzzah for three days of no work!) for most of us in the USofA, I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to take an hour or two for the three days and go through that menace of an inventory.  So I encourage every one of my fellow shopaholics to join me in the Great Fall Inventory Cleanout!!

Get rid of multiple landmarks!!  Delete pointless notecards!!  Consolidate and organize your vast amounts of designer-wear!!  (I’ve gone from separating my stuff by category (outfits w/pants, outfits w/skirts, formal, etc.) to sorting by designer.  I find it helps my blogging.  But….that’s only my way of doing it! :o) )

Who knows?  Maybe if we all clean out enough, maybe we can reduce that “inventory load problem”.  But again, this is SL.

And after you’ve cleaned, go check these out:

– If you have a hankering for something unique and a bit on the sexy side, go check out Lavish Style.  Katy Angel produces some awesome outfits.  New this week:  cute club-like dress and top & skirt combos.  (

– Caroline’s releases very pretty anklets this week.  The metal can change into four different versions and you have your pick of 11 different charms. (

– Barerose had some awesome releases this week for both men and women.  I happen to like what the “White Mist” and “Famme Fatale” look like.  Too bad I can never get there.  So shop for me!! :o) (

– I squeeeeeeee in orgasmic delight at this post!!  My girl Ryker has FINALLLLLY opened a store for her goodies (along with her SLove Caelen Mata).  She’s got more talent in her pinkie than I will ever have in the totality of both my lives.  Check out her necklaces.  And I can’t wait to see what more is to come.  (

– Lexi is cleaning house for the fall (see?  it’s not just me!).  Don’t miss out! (

– Yay!  Newness at Celestial Studios!!!!  WOOT!  I see…. ooo some cute tees, pretty scarves, cool jeans, and….oooooo a dress!!! (

– You…….shop…..Mischief………Janie…..non-stop…..end transmission.  (

– Doc’s release this week – “Noir” – is EXACTLY my RL style for fall fashion.  I will have my av wear this and feel immediately comfy.  Aaaahhhh….. (

And that’s today’s post!  I’m hitting the RenFaire Saturday, but other than that, I’m really motivated to blog this three-day weekend.  And I know I’ve said that before, but it will happen this weekend.  So don’t be surprised! :op

Luv to all!
~*~ Aly ~*~


August 29, 2008 - Posted by | Fresh Off the Blogs

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