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REVIEW: Stellar Designs Skin – Surreal v2

See?  I promised a post or two and here’s the first one.  So nyaaahhh!

So you know Stellar Designs, right?  You know that if you are looking for some cute ass, sexy as hell, daring to bare, girlie to xtreme clothes, Stellar Designs is a guaranteed destination. 

But….did you know that Lexi does skins too?

Yup, she does.  And she was very nice to toss me some of her latest rollout – Surreal v2.  As this is my first skin review (and as I blatently confess over and over, I am not a skin whore lol!), I will do my best to give a review that is worthy of the creator and readable for the masses.  So I apologize now if I babble! ;o)

(please note that no processing – other than collaging and writing – has been done to the photos)

Stellar Designs Skin Review

This is “Ashlee”.  Very soft feeling, almost like I want to touch my skin and feel velvet.  The makeup is great, not overdone.  Overall, the work is very good and is just about the shade I would prefer to wear.  (yeah, I warned you I’m not a skin whore! LOL)

Stellar Designs Skin Review

Next, we have “Elle”.  A slight pigment lighter (I think!) than “Ashlee”, but what I love on her are the lips.  Nicely shaped, dammit, I would kiss myself!  Again, the skin shading feels very soft and velvety.  This stands to be true throughout the entire Surreal v2 line.

Stellar Designs Skin Review

And finally, we have “Melina”.  “Melina” – like “Elle” – has the lippage (is that a word?) that I love, but her face is so fair.  The coloring makes me think I look almost girl next doorish.  Too cute.  The shading is great and again, touch my skin please.  I’s feels soft.

So there you have it.  If you have never checked out Stellar Skins (or even knew they existed), buzz Lexi and I’m sure she’ll send you a cab to direct you right to it.  Or…yeah…you could just TP over and find it yourself.  But I’m sure you’ll find yourself wanting to at least try one on….or three…or five….or just buy the whole set….

Stellar Designs SLurl:

Also wearing (almost forgot this duh!):

Hair:  ETD – Holly
Lingerie:  Attitudes – Lamarck
Accessory:  Eolande’s – Jeweled Circlet for ETD’s Holly

~*~ Aly ~*~


September 1, 2008 - Posted by | Review

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  1. aww thank you so much, Aly for the lovely review ❤
    Big Hugs!

    Comment by Lexi Morgan | September 1, 2008

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