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Ok, so I was working on this post for a few days because first, SL decided to pull an interesting trick and not give me pieces to packages I purchased from Nyte’N’Day – which was later resolved and quickly so by Nyte (thank you!!!).  Second, for some foolish reason, I thought I could fit five pics in one row for a blog post.  Yeah….doesn’t really work lol!

I have fond memories of NND (hey! I’m allowed to initialize! so :op!) as being one of the very first stores I frequented as a shopper and blooming shopaholic.  I remember the old build with the two rather narrow staircases in the middle and watching myself plummet to the ground because I still had trouble negotiating stairs with no railings or walls.  But the clothes….the clothes were great.  I remember buying them (at a great price too!), putting them on, looking at my av, and going “wow”.  Something for every mood and the detailing was great.

Not much has changed recently (except the build, thank goodness! :op).  I still walk in the door and stare in amazement at the numerous offerings, each wonderfully detailed in rich colors to suit whatever mood I’m in:  fancy, casual, sexy…..even weird!  Nyte does such wonderful work and I smile each time I see a new release.

So to give you a taste, I have highlighted some of my favs below.  Most of them are rather recent, but even the oldies are guaranteed goodies!


So I guess this is my “above the knee” group lol!  Just look at the colors…very yummy.  And I only boosted the color 30%.  I think my absolute fav of the group is Piccilo.  It’s just the cutest little summery dress/date dress/flirty dress/etc.etc.etc.  The cut, the flexi, the pattern…I just love it.  But each one of these is great and just by looking, you can immediately see how your style changes with each one.  Variety….is wonderful.


From above the knee to floor length… These are great dresses.  I think my fav of the bunch here is Filly.  The corset-style on the top accentuates the curves.  And we know that us girls love our curves!  Again, colors are rich and the styles are amazing.


And on to the “show some skin” group! :o) Hard to pick a fav here.  Entice is gorgeous lingerie (I think Jelly is having an impact on me again…where did all this pink come from?).  Frayed is teasingly sexy.  And Evade is just gorgeous.  Too difficult to pick one.  Love ’em all.


And this would be the “oh yes…there are pants” group.  My fav is Ginger (duh!).  It’s casual and sexy and I loooooove the belt.  But Phant has a great pattern and Incal is awesome in casual (there is a hoodie even though you can’t see it). 

You can see from above the endless amounts of variety and versatility that you can find at NND.  Nyte creates a style for every mood, so basically she is just encouraging us shopaholics! ;op

I would also like to mention that some of her creations have a purple (woot!) version that is usually sold separately with the profits going to the Lupus Canada organization for research into the disease and how to eventually cure it.  Purple rawks!

If you’ve never stopped by NND before, you should now.  There will undoubtedly be at least one thing there for you….and then another one…and then another…

Nyte’N’Day SLurl:

~*~ Aly ~*~

September 4, 2008 - Posted by | Fashion

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  1. Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Humes

    Comment by Tom Humes | September 4, 2008

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