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FRESH OFF THE BLOGS: Batten Down the Hatches & Shop!

***Just a quick note:  if you have sent me review requests recently, I am not ignoring you.  Between RL insanity and SL problems, my priorities are all loopy as of late.  Rest assured, I have received your request and will be looking them over soon.  If I do not post or respond to you personally by the end of the month, please feel free to resend.  I won’t find it annoying.  I do apologize. ***

Well, here we go on the east coast of the U.S., bracing for at least a nice soaking.  Hopefully we don’t fly away.  Even more, we hope we don’t lose power.

So as we cling desperately onto our electricity and our internet collection, we shop to pass the time:

– Starley must be bracing for the storms too.  Released today, she brings us the “Rainy Day Sweater”, which looks phenomenal and ultra-cozy, as well as two more sweater sets, “Phoenix” and “Aphrodixia”.  (

– This one caught my eye on the feed (possibly because of the purple undertones lol).  Violet Voltaire is having a 25% off store card sale this weekend.  In a quick perusal of her blog, she seems to create just the cutest accessories.  I may very well have to drop by and investigate further.  But please, take a look for yourself! (

– If you haven’t been following, Awesome Designs sets out four items each week at 50% off.  And each week, there is also a free gift.  Follow the pink and go forth.  (

– Head over to Vitamin Ci and pick up Ciera’s latest creation:  Jess.  It’s just…..well, it’s just cute lol!  (

– Nicky Ree released a very classis, gorgeous looking gown set, entitled “Jill”.  Very sleek, clean, classic…. beautiful.  (

Stay dry and don’t fly away kids! (unless you’re hitting page up)
~*~ Aly ~*~

September 5, 2008 - Posted by | Fresh Off the Blogs

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