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Here Comes Halloween!!

As September comes to an end and October winks from around the corner, the beginning of the holidays is starting to come upon us.

So here comes Halloween!!!

Personally, I know I drive myself bonkers trying to find decorations, knick knacks, costumes, etc. etc. etc. in SL.   And then finding all the cool events going on for the holiday….it’s just insane!

So, I will be doing the “SL Halloween Highlights”.   Starting Friday, October 3rd, I will post about designers/creators within these categories:  Decorations, Costumes/Wigs, Accessories (the little odds and ends to your av – poofers, horns, etc.), and Events.

The posting schedule will be as follows:

Decorations – Friday, October 3rd
Costumes/Wigs – Friday, October 10th
Accessories – Friday, October 17th
Last Minute Highlights (taken from the previous posts) and Halloween Events – Friday, October 24th
(events can be both Halloween hunts and/or Halloween sales; if I get notice of any of these that are running earlier than the posting date, I will include it in my FOTB posts on Fridays.)

I will probably post on Friday, October 31st (HALLOWEEN!) any events happening that day.

But…I can’t do this alone.  I am but one woman and SL is vast. 

Whether you are a designer/creator or just a loyal shopper, I want YOU to help me make this work.  Drop me (Alysha Rennahan) a notecard with the name of the store, what category from above it falls in (if multiple, please note that), landmark(s) (PLEASE!), and your name so I can give you a shout out! :o)

I’m excited to find all the wonderful creations out there for Halloween.  I hope you are too!!

~*~ Aly ~*~


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