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FRESH OFF THE BLOGS: Hark, Here is Fall…..

The past couple of days have been fall weather here in the northeast U.S.  I love it.  It’s the most comfortable weather for me.  Cool but not cold, crisp, not humid…. It just makes me feel alive.

Let’s take a look at what fall weather brings us in SL:

– Jewelry Expo starts this weekend!!!  I’m so excited!!!  Running Sunday, October 5th through Saturday, October 11th (that’s right kids…you only get a week!), make sure you stop by to visit your known favorites and discover new ones you never knew existed.  If anything, defintely stop by the Genesis booth and see the absolute stunning work my dear friend Ryker has done.  She has yet to cease in amazing me. ;o) Here’s a taste of her work.  (

– Already in progress is the Glamour Expo, running from now until October 25th.  If you are a formalwear hound, this is the place for you!  Tons of designers, you are sure to find something new around every corner.  (

– Tami McCoy has been cranking out some new hairstyles.  Her latest release “Sleek” is just that – sleek and sexy.  Meooooow.  (

– These – I can curl up in and be happy comfy for a long time.  Lexi gives us some “Vintage Striped Sweaters”, designed to look comfy and sexy and verrrrry appealing.  Thank you Lexi!!!  *grabs them all* (

– Ivalde releases a very cute bohemian type outfit, named “Luba”.  Cute skirt, darling bolero, it’s just all around an adorable outfit.  Match it with perfect boots and you are ready to go! (

– Reminder that the Rebel Hope Designs Costume Sale is going on now through October 10th.  Drastic price reductions before the new inventory arrives.  Stock up on your costumes now!  (

Halloween Hit List will be posted soon.  I logged in this morning to do some last minute stuff and my virus scan decided to fight me at the same time *sigh*.  So check back in an hour or two for the first installment of the HALLOWEEN HIT LIST! :o)

~*~ Aly ~*~

October 3, 2008 - Posted by | Fresh Off the Blogs

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