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Halloween Hit List Poster

Here we go!  The first installment of the Halloween Hit List!!


Only second to the winter holidays of Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, and so on, Halloween is probably one of funnest holidays to decorate for.  And in SL, where one is only limited by one’s imagination, decorating can take a whole new life…..provided you got the prims for it! LOL!

Here are some places you can hit up for your decorating needs:

Store:  Halloween 365
Direct SLurl:
Creator:  Docsisle Magellan
After receiving a notecard from Docsisle, I journeyed on over to Halloween 365.  Once arriving, I was smiling because the setup reminded me of a Halloween harvest setup you would see at like an orchard or a farm.  Closer inspection however and you will find things here and there to bring your decorating to the next level.  I purchased a teacup set (yes!  teacups!) that had a harvest styling to it.  Both had sit poses, one for a single person, the other for a couple.  I also purchased a tree that had jack-o-lanterns on the branches and a cage to perch yourself on and scare the little ones as they come to the door for their SLcandy.  You can also find coffins you can put yourself in, a variety of tombstones, and other knick knacks here and there.

Store:  Halloween by Pondlife
Direct SLurl:
Creator:  Eladon Galsworthy
I am a huge fan of Pondlife.  Many of my furnishings in my house are from Pondlife.  Great in variety, Pondlife shows wonderful creativity and detail in everything they sell.  So I was elated to see that Pondlife did a Halloween section as well.  Not only is it a Halloween section, but it is also a good place for harvest-type settings.  Pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns in different sizes, styles and colors.  I picked up a handful of jack-o-lanterns, even one that had a moving face.  I also grabbed a copiable dried corn stalk.  I love the harvest touch.  I will probably go back for the interactive hayride that I saw (need more moolah), which is sure to give friends a treat.  And speaking of treats, I also grabbed a free (I think it was free lol) interactive candy bowl.  You will also find a selection of posing coffins, tombstones, and more amenities inside the Halloween house.

Store:  Ramos Designs
Direct SLurl:
Creators:  Susan Ramos and xTrojan Ramos
I have known Ramos Designs for their great furniture selection for both homes and clubs.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were offering Halloween stuff as well.  I grabbed up as soon as I saw it an awesome scarecrow (not a scary one!  just, you know, a scarecrow!), some flexi bat banners, pumpkin string lights, and leaves!  Yep, invisi-prims that had leaf textures to put on the ground.  Looooove it!!!  Again, you will also find tombstones, coffins, other varied spookier stuff.  Nice variety.

Direct SLurl:
Creators:  Nita and Grim Bracken
Now, I didn’t buy anything from here yet.  Not because GRIMWORX didn’t have amazing stuff.  But….GRIMWORX is definitely where you want to go when you want good ol’ fashioned horror stuff.  And since I’m not really into horror, I haven’t really delved into GRIMWORX yet.  But I did find varied well-known horror characters in prim cutouts (I do believe some moved as well).  I also saw some awesome spider effects that crawl in massive amounts on the floor.  And you will also find a “Poltergeist” setup, complete with spooky child and TV.  Again, if you are into the horror of Halloween, this should be your first stop.

Store:  GREENE concept
Direct SLurl:
Creator:  Peter Stindberg
I received a notecard outlining an interesting creation, specifically for Halloween.  It is the “Halloween Special Edition of the Quintos Clocks”, a collection of jack-o-lantern styled clocks, showing the times in various countries, with an oozy, thick fog and a swarm of bats.  A very unique creation and sure to be a conversation piece.  I encourage everyone to check it out.

Store:  Trinket
Direct SLurl:
Creator:  Mystery Moonlight
A last minute submission came from Mystery Moonlight, the creator behind Trinket.  After TPing over to check out, I ran into her at the store and talked briefly.  Mystery has been around a rather long time (she has me beat in inventory count – 65K – sheesh!) and has reopened Trinket after a long break.  She is still setting up shop, but what she has out right now is amazing.  If you are looking for a blood/goth style fountain, she’s got one for you already out, greatly detailed.  A wagon with hay bales for you to ride in as well as hay bales to put out for your peeps to sit on.  I grabbed a few copies of her Halloween bead curtains because they were just too cute to pass up.  You should stop on by, see what grabs your fancy, and say hi to Mystery.  I’m sure she’ll have more stuff to come as time rolls on.

And there it is!  First installment done!  I hope you all liked it!  I welcome comments so I know how it is received.  And yes, once I finish decorating, I will post piccies of my place all Halloweened up. :op

Join us next Friday for our second installment of the Halloween Hit List, featuring costumes and wigs.  And yes, feel free to keep sending me (Alysha Rennahan) your submissions!  It’s definitely not too late!!

~*~ Aly ~*~

October 3, 2008 - Posted by | Hit Lists

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