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FRESH OFF THE BLOGS: Some Costumes, Some Hair…and Some More

You people do realize that there is less than three months left till Christmas, right?

Just checking.

Here is what’s piping hot in blogland:

– Adam n Eve releases two new costumes:  “Sorcerer” (for him) and “Sorceress” (for her).  Each has awesome detailing with runes in the outfit.  A must check out and pick up for All Hallow’s Eve.  (

– I completely missed this in my scouting around SL for my costumes post, but check out Adored!  AmySue has a plethora of costumes for your eyes to behold, as well as a Maid AO and a Witch on a Broom AO.  (

– And more costumes!!!  Awesome Designs releases two more costumes on top of its already wide offering:  Ladybug and Sexy Referee! (and possibly Tinkerbell is new too, I can’t tell!!).  (

– My friend, Tigerlily, is giving Calla a haircut….so to speak lol!  20 styles have been discounted down to 50% off and will be so until October 31st.  After that, you will see them NO MORE!!  Just look for the scissors!! (

– Yeah, I know everyone else has mentioned it, but I missed her!!  Welcome back Elika!!  And thank you for the new hair!  Can’t wait for more!!! (

– I sees new boots!!  Maitreya releases “Billow” boots.  They look friggin awesome!! (

– Lotsa newness over at Mischief!  Janie’s been busy…..and likes the short short dresses….hmmm… (

– Ivalde is having a sale on anything black or very dark.  50% off.  Now through Sunday.  Get over there before you miss it!! (

– Another short PixelDolls Green Wall sale!  Now through 9PM SLT tomorrow (Saturday), green wall items are 50% off.  (

– Oh boys!  I have another costume for you!  Rebel Hope offers up “Spartan”.  Awesomely detailed.  (

– Must….buy…..too….cute…. Solange offers up “Elan Fall Pant Set”.  Even comes with a cute scarf!!!!  (

Have fun kiddilies!
~*~ Aly ~*~


October 17, 2008 - Posted by | Fresh Off the Blogs

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