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Halloween Hit List Poster

Two weeks till Halloween!!  This is nuts!  Time is flying!!

Herewith, I present to you…..


You know, those little things here and there that can add to your Halloween outfit.  So to help you out, check out some of these goodies:

Store:  Eolande’s
Direct SLurl:
Creator:  Eolande Elvehjem
Most people know Eolande’s for its wide offerings in hair accessories, many specifically designed for certain styles from the likes of ETD and Calla.  But that’s not all you will find there.  Eolande creates unique jewelry pieces with divine detailing.  And there is nothing short of that in her offerings for the Halloween season.  Spider and Black Widow chokers and necklaces, each with her infamous metal selections of silver, gunmetal, gold and aurora borealis; spider rings; spider belts; and what I thought was the cutest thing – spider slippers.  So stop by, take your chances on the unlucky chair and the bobbing for apples, and see for yourself what Eolande’s has to offer you.

Store:  Genesis
Direct SLurl:
Creator:  Ryker Beck
Yeah, I’ve said it before and I’ll just keep saying it.  Ryker has amazing talent.  And I tell her so often if not daily.  Genesis is her newest baby and houses her wonderful jewelry creations.  And yes, she even made stuff for Halloween.  At her satelite location (mainstore is being built as we speak), you can find cute Halloween-saying tees in black and orange, unique earrings hitting on everything from witches to candy corn to dead pirates, a spooktacular ring with texture change ability from silver to gold, a trick-or-treat bundle that includes a trick-or-treat choker and black and orange bangles, and last but not least – a free trick-or-treat bowl.  But…..make sure you have the prims for it!!  In her acute eye for detail, it boasts a wonderful 161 prims!! LOL!  Gotta love it!

Item:  Genuine Birch Riding Broom, on sale at Metamorphoses Avatars
Direct SLurl:
Creator:  Sky Hye
This awesome broom was graciously sent to me by Sky.  And I’ll tell you, I was amazed when I attached it and saw how great it looked.  It realy truly looks like an old fashioned witch’s broom.  You can see the individual straws in the broom head like you would if it was in front of you in RL.  It has a built in AO that properly positions you riding it, whether you are walking or flying.  It even has moonshine sparkles coming out of the end as you move.  As I could not determine if Sky had her own store or collection, this listing is for the item itself.  But you should still drop by and check it out.

Store:  Illusions
Direct SLurl:
Creator:  Siyu Suen
A must stop for Halloween has to be Illusions.  Siyu’s work in masks leaves you staring in awe.  But don’t stop there.  You can also find pirate hats and boots; a selection of ear attachments for drow, pixies, elves, etc.; hats, brooms and cloaks for witches of all shapes and sizes; unique horns; some angel wings; and the collection I love – the Harlequin collection (jesters for those that are not familiar).  From the jester’s hat to the boots to the belt to the gloves – it is just simply a great collection.  Illusions is no illusion.  Trust me, you want to go there and see for yourself.

Store:  She’s So Unusual Shoes
Direct SLurl:
Creator:  Rowan Caroll
Rowan dropped some shoes on me and I knew she was ideal to include in this post.  I could almost guarantee that if you are looking for a pair shoes to go with your Halloween outfit, you could probably find it at She’s So Unusual Shoes.  Because they are just that – – – unusual.  And what better time of year could you use unusual shoes than at Halloween?  Rowan has one pair out for sale – a Limited Edition Black Widow Platforms set.  But that’s not all she created for Halloween.  The other pairs are stuffed in the Lucky Chairs.  So while you wait around for your letter to pop up, take some time and walk through her rather large store.  I mean, the animal slippers alone are cute enough just to make the visit worthwhile.

And there we have it!  Three installments down and two more to go!!  And just to make it easier, here are the links to the previous posts:

Decorations –
Costumes –

Now, next week another big post!!  Next week’s installment will be Sales & Events!  So if you’re a content creator having some awesome sales for Halloween (or that time frame) in the next few weeks, drop me (Alysha Rennahan) your info in a notecard and I’ll include it in the listing.

Keep shopping everyone!
~*~ Aly ~*~


October 19, 2008 - Posted by | Hit Lists


  1. Muah ❤ 🙂

    Comment by Ryker Beck | October 19, 2008

  2. I love Halloween and everything it brings with the season… costumes, decorations, crafting, festivals and my current favorite

    Comment by sierra night tide | October 19, 2008

  3. Thank you sooo much!!
    I am the affiliate creator with Nimbus Rau’s Metamorphoses Avatars, so I do have a few items in the store, including a flying broom for Nimbus’s adorable quadrupedal kitty cat avatars. It is the cutest thing to see a cat on a broom!
    Besides making fun accessories for avatars, I also have a big art gallery on LeeZu Baxter’s To the Nines sim. Here is the slurl:
    No brooms for sale there, but lots of real life art that I painted and drew, myself. Stop by for a visit! 😀

    Comment by Sky Hye | October 19, 2008

  4. Nice post..! Thanks for making my search easy for Halloween stuffs.

    Comment by Ansley | October 21, 2008

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