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FRESH OFF THE BLOGS: Changing of the Seaons

So here we are…….November.

The weather gets cooler, the leaves turn color…..

And SL designers keep rolling out new creations and awesome sales!

I definitely don’t make enough money to be able to shop for everything…

What’s piping hot:

– NEW HAIR! OMG!! NEW HAIR!! RUN!!! Ok, I’ll be all right. But for real, Calla has new hair! And it’s hawt!!! Check it out!! (

– NEW CLOTHES!!! ZOMG!!! MUST HAVE!!! Yeah, I’m losing it kids. But for real!!! DE Designs releases its 4th Year Anniversary outfits!! Happy Anniversary DoC!! *blows kisses* (

– OMGGGGG!!! SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really have some form of a life, I promise. But for REAL!!!!!!!!! ETD – L$30 or less for ALL items! Fatpacks discounted between L$100 & L$300!! But no fear….you have until December 26th to fight your way there. (

– Two new releases from Nyte’N’Day: cute dress with shrug combo and a top set with many options (including a shrug!). (

– Cute skirt outfit fresh from Solange. I just like the name – “Missy”. How cute is that! (

– AND ANOTHER SALE!! Starley gives us girls a “Beauty Sale”. Skin, hair, eyes, eyelashes and some accessories on sale for at least 50% off. Please check the blog for further details. (

– Purty skating outfit!!! Me want!!! Lexi gives us very pretty crushed velvet ice skating outfits. I absolutely love them!! (

– ONE MORE SALE!! Luth celebrates her birthday and a new President-elect by offering us a 50% off single pose sale. Now through November 13th. (

– That is one sexy suit!! MichaMi releases “Stella” – featuring a one-button jacket with sculpted sleeves and cuffs. Verrrrry sexy. (

Stay all snuggly warm everyone!
~*~ Aly ~*~

November 7, 2008 - Posted by | Fresh Off the Blogs

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