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FRESH OFF THE BLOGS: The Ticking Hand of Time (OMG! Can I Shop Now?)

Here I am!!  And blogging too!  Who would have thunk it? ;op

In all seriousness now, the holidays are getting closer.  Almost time to fill up on the food we love but know we should probably have in moderation (what is that word again?).  Almost time to spend time with the ones we love but don’t see often (you mean I have to go to Aunt Marge’s house AGAIN?).  And most importantly, almost time for awesome awesome AWESOME sales in SL!

I ❤ Shopping.  *sighs*

Anyhoo, here’s the freshness:

– Adam n Eve have been busy bees as of late.   This week, they offer up (what is probably) the first installment of photorealistic skins, released on the “Evolution” line.  Very impressive, if my inexperienced skin shopper self should say so.  Also new this week, “Celebre” – a sexy dress with four versatile styles.  (

– Staying on the versatility train for a moment, Awesome Designs releases “Encore” – three looks in one and 12 different colors to choose from.  Very cute!! (

– Calico releases a new hair – “Susume” – and 11 recolors of existing styles.  Me thinks I need “Angela” and “Catherine”.  Hmmm.  (

– LVS love this week:  “Christmas Carol” gown, released into the Princess Couture line.  Absolutely amazing.  Also, the OMG-I Must Have It!-Too Friggin Cute item for me:  “Christmas Tree Packs”.  Yes folks.  Carry a fully decorated Christmas tree on your back.  Oh my.  Give me now.  (

– PixelDolls releases a coat to help us stay warm in the ever dropping temperature:  the Plaid Coat is wonderfully textured and includes a flexi-bottom for added details.  (

– A new hair and some new tops from Refuge this week.  Also, more colors of the “Bombshell” top released.  Pwetty.  (

– Lexi has been in the Christmas mood.  New releases this week include “Christmas Cutie” – a jumper-style short dress; “Santa’s Sweetie” – a flirty dress with garters and stockings; “Santa’s Naughty Helper” – ummm yeah, it’s naughty ;o) ; and for the boys, “Sexy Claus” – I would recommend every girl get this for their man before he says, “come sit on Santa’s lap”.  (

Also, make sure you stop by the Skin & Shape Expo (SLurl:  There’s sure to be an eyeful plus some to drool over in the skin department.
On my to-do list for this weekend:

  • blog post re: SL giftcards (what’s your favorite?)
  • work on some pics for various in-store poster contest thingies (ETD, Nyte’N’Day, Solange)
  • work on secret present for Lexi
  • haunt Lexi while using her giftcard to go shopping
  • pay my SLrent
  • shop of course!
  • maaaaybe actually SEE Jelly in-world?  Mayhaps? ;op

Everyone have a fabulous weekend!
~*~ Aly ~*~


November 21, 2008 - Posted by | Fresh Off the Blogs

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