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Dear SL Universe: Our Wish List for 2009

Soooooo….SL is down….or not letting me log in….or both….

And it would be a perfect time to blog…..

However…..I need to be in SL to take pics in order to blog *sigh*……

But hark!  I have something else I can blog about!!

The new year approaches and like it or not, 2009 is a mere fraction of a footstep away.

We all set goals for ourselves (RL or SL) that we would like to accomplish in the New Year.

But how about……an SL Wish List for 2009?

This started as a Plurk question and it got a good response.  So I thought it would make for a good blog post.

Here is a small listing of what us SLpeeps would like to see/have in 2009.  Feel free to add your wish list in the comments!

  • Flexi sculpts
  • More designers integrating the “touch to resize” scripts in their products
  • Better Subscribe-o-matic integration
  • Better pose/animation support through the client upload process
  • Out-of-world (via web) ability to subscribe to Subscribe-o-matic groups
  • No more transparent texture clashes
  • Short status field added to friends list, indicating online mode (away, busy, etc.)
  • More in-world group allowance
  • More attachment points
  • Status hidden from those marked on friends list as ‘hide’ and given offline message when IM’d
  • More robust ‘Events’ system with tags, calendar export (including full Google/Outlook calendar synchronization), alerts and abuse reporting
  • Drag and drop of .jpg, .gif, .tif, .doc, .pdf, .xls, .ppt, .csv, etc. from the local desktop to inventory
  • More refining of the in-world SL search
  • Better system for landmarks
  • Prims to not be massive bright, requiring one to recolor them a light grey to balance it
  • Advanced options in friends list, including grouping and real hiding ability from all (including groups)

~*~ Aly ~*~

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